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5G+ 'Smart Breeding' makes pig raising easier

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-01
5G+ 'Smart Breeding' makes pig raising easier
According to the outbreak of swine fever in 2019, it has been a year since the production of live pigs has picked up significantly, and the “price of pigs standing on the wind” has also slowly fallen. Is the smart breeding industry this year worth optimistic?

According to data from China Pig.com, the price of pork dropped significantly at the end of October this year. According to Fu Linghui, a spokesperson for the National Bureau of Statistics, pork prices fell by 2.8% year-on-year in November 2020, a drop of 0.13 percentage points. Pork prices ended the 19-month year-on-year increase, marking the first decline. The nightmare of pig farmers in 2019 has finally ended, and the pig industry has begun to gradually pick up.

Traditional animal husbandry is facing problems

Traditional animal husbandry lacks effective management methods. The frequent occurrence of diseases and the complicated labor between multiple farms and sheds have become an important obstacle restricting the further development of the animal husbandry industry. The personnel bring a great burden. Not only that, it also requires a lot of energy and time cost, not only the cycle is long, but also the problem of low efficiency and low output.

1. Overview of Smart Breeding Programs

Smart farming was born to solve the problems of long breeding cycle, low efficiency and low output in traditional animal husbandry.

The smart breeding program is based on the Internet of Things and cloud computing technology. It is composed of environmental monitoring terminals, communication terminals, industrial control modules and monitoring software. The breeding environment is fully monitored through the perception layer, and the transmission layer is used to transmit information. The control layer realizes intelligent regulation of the breeding environment.

2. The composition of the smart breeding ecological environment solution:

1. Smart breeding hardware equipment

The temperature and humidity transmitter, infrared detector, carbon dioxide transmitter, Ammonia transmitters, hydrogen sulfide transmitters, and smoke alarms are used to collect the effects of environmental factors such as temperature and humidity in the breeding environment online in real time.

2. Smart breeding software system

Environmental monitoring terminal refers to the temperature and humidity transmitter, ammonia transmitter, carbon dioxide transmitter and other equipment installed in the pig house. These equipment have built-in high precision The sensor can automatically monitor the temperature, humidity and harmful gas concentration in the pig house in real time, and upload the data.

The smart breeding system monitors the real-time values u200bu200bof temperature, humidity, oxygen, and harmful gases in the farms 24 hours a day, and updates real-time monitoring data quickly and conveniently. It can make the entire system safe, reliable, accurate, real-time, and comprehensive. , Fast and efficient real breeding environment information is displayed in front of managers.

Smart breeding environment monitoring system function:

Multi-level user authority management

Enterprise-level users--->branch-level users--->farm-level users--->shed-level users Users

Through the intelligent breeding environment cloud platform, a variety of user needs can be realized

1. Each mobile phone card can set 5 alarm SMS numbers through the cloud platform

2. The alarm information can be edited by the server arbitrarily, making the content of the message easier to understand.

3. The alarm can be set by means of time division, alarm method, etc., to avoid unnecessary harassment

Remote real-time Data u0026 Monitoring

(Portable WeChat client farming data monitoring/query)

(Computer-side graphical breeding data monitoring)

Data analysis, remote diagnosis u0026 parameters Settings

1, power failure diagnosis---power failure data is automatically saved to the small host, and power supply data is restored to upload

2, environmental data diagnosis---equipment operation rationality analysis

3, Equipment performance diagnosis---Analysis of equipment energy efficiency, operating time, equipment life, etc.

4. Remote parameter modification---Improve personnel flow, improve epidemic prevention capabilities, and reduce service costs

Export the farm environmental data to Excel format- --Environmental data and production data can be exported to Excel mainstream office software format to improve analysis capabilities and report efficiency

The aquaculture IoT environment controller has wireless u0026 wired networking methods

1, wireless wiring free construction , Easy to install

2, 4G full Netcom wireless function supports the networks of China Mobile, China Unicom and China Telecom, 2G network3, supports China Mobile. Easy installation, no wiring construction, free 1 year Internet of Things card

4, RS485 interface can be directly connected to the terminal equipment to access the Internet, to meet the needs of users who have already deployed network cables and other customized users.

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