Rika Sensor is a sensor manufacturer and environmental monitoring solution provider with 10+ years of industry experience.



Rika is a professional sensor manufacturer and solution provider of weather sensors & environment monitors for environmental monitoring for 10+ years. We are committed to developing and providing intelligent, cost-effective IoT environmental monitoring products and services, including wind sensors, solar radiation sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, rain gauges, soil sensors, level sensors, water quality measurement, data loggers and various weather station & monitoring station.


Environmental sensing solutions: air quality sensors are air quality monitoring devices that prevent air pollution damage for health; noise sensors are digital and modular multi-function sound level meter; atmospheric temperature, humidity & pressure sensor for measurement of air temperature, relative humidity & barometric pressure;


Weather monitoring solutions: Automatic weather stations monitor real-time environmental changes and make corresponding warnings;  meteorological sensors include wind sensors, rain sensors, etc; high efficient detection transmitters mean a lot for hydrological monitoring, agriculture, etc.


Each of our product is supplied with the corresponding service from design, manufacturing, testing, and shipment. Our products have passed the CE, ROHS certification and produced by high technology. For the overview of our company & products, please check our website.

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