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Rika Sensor is a weather sensor manufacturer and environmental monitoring solution provider with 10+ years of industry experience.

Limitations Of Traditional Agriculture

At present, with the globalization of the division of labor and the progress of agricultural technology, the shortcomings of the global traditional agriculture have gradually appeared, and the problems of low production efficiency and unstable quality of agricultural products are restricting the modernization of the agricultural industry.

It is specifically shown in the following points:

Smart Agricultural Introduction


What Is Smart Agricultural?

Compared with traditional agricultural production methods, smart agriculture has the advantages of high controllability, high efficiency and high resource utilization:


● First of all, smart agriculture can actively monitor the changes of farmland, weather, irrigation, fertilizer and other factors, forecast the weather, pest infestation and other natural disasters in advance, and make timely adjustments to ensure that the growing environment and growing conditions of crops are in good condition, thus improving the yield and quality of crops.


● Secondly, smart agriculture can use a variety of automated equipment to achieve the precise spraying and application of pesticides, fertilizers, and water-fertilizer integration, reduce the waste of agricultural resources, improve the implementation efficiency, and save the cost of agricultural production.


● Finally, smart agriculture has the high reliability of digital control, the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology for the whole process of agricultural production digital records and management, real-time monitoring and analysis of planting locations, types, fertilizer use, crop growth, and sales market demand, which can be a good way to conserve resources and improve production efficiency.

Smart Agriculture Solution For Modern Agriculture  


Provide Environmental Monitoring Services And Facility Control Services

Agricultural environment monitoring system / environmental monitoring equipment provides environmental monitoring services and facility controlling services, and thus maintains the crop developing environment in an optimal status. Smart farming is a way to do agriculture by precisely managing the inputs based on variation of field parameters in order to achieve optimized outputs at minimum disturbances to the environment to provide smart agriculture industry solution. It is well known that climate is one of the most imperative field parameters that determine plant growth and its output .


This is because each plant is susceptible to certain growing conditions such as air temperature, relative humidity, soil temperature, wind and light, etc.. Therefore, it is vital for farmers to understand these climatic conditions of their farms.The use of real-time weather monitoring system is one of the most effective ways to equip farmers with timely climatic information and knowledge for better crop management. It is also the smart agriculture solution for agricultural temperature monitoring.


If you are looking for smart agriculture sensors or farm monitoring system, welcome to contact Rika Sensor. We provide the whole farm monitoring solution and smart agriculture solution.


The Application Of New Technologies

In recent years, RIKA SENSOR has seized the opportunity of agricultural development, and has risen headlong in the wave of digitization, consolidated the data base, and explored and successfully developed several types of environmental monitoring solutions for agricultural scenarios.


RIKA SNESOR intelligent agricultural environment monitoring system integrates intelligent sensing, Internet, cloud computing and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, relying on various sensor nodes (environmental temperature and humidity, CO2, illumination, soil temperature and humidity, image, etc.) deployed in the agricultural production site and wireless communication network to realize intelligent sensing of the agricultural production environment, intelligent early warning, intelligent decision-making, intelligent analysis, and expert online guidance.


The solutions can monitor and manage different agricultural production environments and objects, and ensure compliance with agricultural production environment standards through real-time dynamic monitoring of soil, weather and other production environment parameters by sensing equipment.


The application of these new technologies will greatly improve the quality of agricultural products, so that they can meet the market demand, realize the supply and demand docking, and promote the development of the agricultural industry in the direction of refinement, high efficiency and modernization.

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