Rika Sensors is a weather sensors manufacturer and solution provider of best weather station & environmental monitoring for 10+ years.

Automatic weather station (AWS), also called automated weather station, is an automated version of the traditional weather station, either to save human labour or to enable measurements from remote areas. Rika weather stations are based around a data logger that measures the sensors, then processes, stores, and transmits the data. Data recording intervals are independently programmable. Our data loggers have wide operating temperature ranges, programmable execution intervals, and ample input channels for commonly used sensors. Most sensors can be measured directly—without external signal conditioning.

Rika, as a professional automative weather station manufacturer, has been performing perfectly in outdoor & indoor home weather station. The weather monitoring station is used in wide range of industries like agriculture, hydrological monitoring, aquaculture monitoring and home uses.

Contact Rika for automatic weather station sensor, we have remote wireless weather station for home, outdoor weather sensor, etc for selection.

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