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Rika Sensor is a weather sensor manufacturer and environmental monitoring solution provider with 10+ years of industry experience.

Crane Safety Monitoring Solution

Tower Cranes, are the most common types of crane used in the high-rise construction industry and are usually erected on a concrete foundation. We have developed an anemometer with innovative mechanics and technology, guaranteeing easy installation and economic maintenance. We provide different kinds of wind controllers for cranes and lifting machines. Made of very resistant material these can be implemented in very harsh environments giving exact data of the wind conditions.


RK150-01 wind speed display controller can set alarm and control output. when speed reaching the corresponding set value, output acousto-optic alarm signal, trigger and control the output, to achieve safety monitoring purpose.

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Hunan Rika Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd is a privately held sensor manufacturer and solution provider of environmental & weather monitoring for 10+ years.


Customers from Uganda visited Rika Sensor

Customers from Uganda visited Rika Sensor on July 4, 2018.
They looked for a proper solution for the weather monitoring for their government projects and they didi an on-the-spot investigation .

The attendees introduced our weather sensors eg: wind sensors, solar radiation sensors, ambient temp & RH sensors, rain gauges and the  applications. They showed great interest to our weather stations.


RIKA extended a warm welcome and arranged a considerate reception. Accompanied by the head of each department, Uganda customers reviewed our products, and did the trial operation at site under the guidance of technical teams . The attendees made elaborated answers to their questions and offer the very professional solution for their weather monitoring finally. 


 The complete profession solution was  the weather sensors + Data logger with software & Protective case  + GPRS module + Solar power supply system + Tripod ----Server ,which won the very high trust from customers .

Customers from Uganda signed the 20sets weather stations with us and made the payment to us on the pot on the same day they visited us . The rich professional knowledge as well as the service ability from Rika Sensor ,  made a very deep impression on our dearest guests. 

Customers from Brazil visited Rika Sensor

Customers from Brazil visited Rikasensor on Apr 23rd, 2019. The sales manager Coco, Barbie, Jenny & technical manager Michael warmly received the guests from abroad.


At the meeting, Coco made a brief introduction about Rikasensor. And then customers introduced their development process & upcoming project in Brazil. At last customers and Michael had a technical exchange and discussion on weather sensors and weather stations for Smart Agriculture application. After a preliminary understanding, he expressed his recognition of the comprehensive strength of Rikasensor.


Hunan Rika Electronic Technology Co.Ltd. would provide professional weather sensors & weather monitoring measurement products in Agriculture industry.Customers showed great interests in ultrasonic wind sensors, solar radiation sensor, rain gauges, soil detecting sensor & ultrasonic weather stations. Through cooperation with clients and technical exchanges, it can be predicted that in the future, customers from Brazil and Rikasensor will join forces and complement each other.

Customers from Japan visited Rika Sensor

Customers Japan visited Rika Sensor’s sales office on Aug 13th, 2018. They would like to look for a trustworthy & reliable manufacture in China. The sales manager Demi , Sarah & Technical Manager Michael warmly received the guests from abroad .


During the visit, Demi introduced the details of the company and products information. We discussed the detail cooperation solution in future.Customers visited our sales office, showroom & after-sales center. They did a very strict survey in every process of products production .The whole process lasted 3 hours until 16:00 pm .


Finally, Customers were very satisfied with our quality management to the product quality, technical support & after-sales services. And They showed great interest in our combined wind speed & direction sensors, air temp ,RH & Pressure sensors, and some other weather sensors .

Customers from India visited Rika Sensor

Customers from India, specializing in Agriculture and having been looking for sensors which could acquire the value of the  temperature, humidity and EC  in the soil so as to assess the growth of plants ,visited Rika sensor on October 11th,2018 .This visit aimed at discussing special customized design , installation method , sensor characters and other relevant details.


In the meeting, they put forward arguments and Rika tech team immediately  gave scientific answers and professional suggestions accordingly , meanwhile signing long-term order agreements on the same day.

To make sensors more accurately measure the soil, tech team elaboratively did the test in the lab and shared pictures , new certificates as well as datum with them. Rika team have been standing by to give the best support to our distinguished Customers by utilizing rich experience and advanced technology, as long as our customers met any problem,which enables customers speak highly of it. 


Hunan Rika Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd is a privately held sensor manufacturer and solution provider of environmental & weather monitoring for 10+ years.

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