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Soil Moisture Sensor & Soil Temperature Sensor

Sensors that detect soil conditions have become an important tool for modern farmers in crop production. The benefits of soil sensor are obvious. There are different types of soil sensors, such as soil moisture sensor, soil temperature sensor, soil EC sensor, soil PH sensor, etc. The reason why need to measure soil moisture is that soil moisture plays an important role in the growth and development of plants. Soil temperature is often an important factor, especially in agriculture and land handling of organic wastes, because the growth of biological systems is affected by soil temperature. So soil temperature measurement is also important. 


Due to differences in electrical resistance or electrical conductivity, information on soil moisture and soil particle composition can be clearly reflected, as well as intuitive conclusions on density, pH, salinity/conductivity and temperature. Through the network construction on the farm, the real-time parameters collected by the soil sensor are transmitted to the computer mainframe and connected with the system installed on the machine to realize automatic control spraying of fertilizer and pesticide. Welcome to contact for further information on soil temperature moisture sensor. We provide top quality soil moisture sensor and soil temperature probe.

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Types of Soil Sensors and Applications:

1. Solid Moisture Sensor: Soil moisture sensors, also known as soil hygrometers, are mainly used to measure soil volumetric water content, monitor soil moisture, agricultural irrigation, forestry protection, etc. The sensor can be inserted into the soil and will provide readings of the moisture content, which can be used to determine if the soil is too dry or too wet. This information can then be used to adjust irrigation schedules and ensure that plants receive the appropriate amount of water. It is composed of stainless steel probe and waterproof probe, which can be buried in soil and embankment for a long time to monitor and measure moisture content in surface and deep soil. Used in conjunction with the data collector, it can be used as a tool for fixed point monitoring or mobile measurement of moisture. 


2. Soil Temperature Sensor: Soil temperature sensor is a soil temperature sensor that can monitor the temperature of soil, atmosphere and water for experiments and scientific research. soil temperature is referred to as groundtemperature, which is a general term for surface temperature and groundtemperature. The level of soil temperature is closely related to the growth and development of crops, the decomposition of fertilizers and the accumulation of organic matter, and is an important environmental factor in agricultural production. Soil temperature is also a very important factor in the formation of microclimate, so the measurement and research of soil temperature is an important content of microclimate observation and agrometeorological observation. It is used used for agriculture, environmental monitoring, construction, geotechnical engineering, etc.




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