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A brief talk on the application of carbon monoxide sensor in coal mine production

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-29
A brief talk on the application of carbon monoxide sensor in coal mine production

Xinhuanet reported: In the early morning of September 27, Chongqing Nengtou Yu New Energy Co., Ltd.'s Songzao Coal Mine 2# deep inclination caused carbon monoxide to exceed the limit due to belt burning, and 17 people were trapped underground. The local emergency rescue plan was quickly launched and professional rescuers were organized. 75 rescuers from the Songzao Mine Rescue Team have gone down to rescue and 30 medical personnel rushed to the scene. The cause of the accident is under further investigation.

Carbon monoxide is a carbon-oxygen compound, which is usually a colorless, odorless, and tasteless gas. Carbon monoxide has both reducing and oxidizing properties. It can cause oxidation reactions (combustion reactions), disproportionation reactions, etc.; at the same time, it is toxic. At higher concentrations, it can cause people to have different degrees of poisoning symptoms and harm the human brain, heart, and liver. , Kidneys, lungs and other tissues, and even death from electric shock. The lowest lethal concentration of human inhalation is 5000ppm (5 minutes).

The level of carbon monoxide concentration has always been one of the important signs of whether spontaneous combustion occurs in coal mines, and it is also an important factor leading to death of people due to poisoning and serious casualties. my country has clear requirements for coal mine safety regulations. Carbon monoxide sensors need to be used to monitor the concentration of carbon monoxide gas in real time in main roadways, return airways, coal working faces, tunneling working faces, goafs and other places, and when the gas concentration reaches or exceeds An alarm is issued when the dangerous value is preset.

Carbon monoxide sensors commonly used in coal mines include electrochemical, catalytic combustible gas, infrared absorption, etc., and electrochemical carbon monoxide sensors are commonly used now.

The electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor is also a kind of micro fuel cell element. It uses a constant potential for the detected gas to perform an electrochemical oxidation-reduction reaction, and obtains the gas concentration information by measuring the electric field current. Its working principle is to use the working electrode and the counter electrode to form an electrode pair. When the pair of electrodes are immersed in the electrolyte, a voltage is applied between the electrodes to produce polarization. If the working electrode is positive and the counter electrode is negative, the electrolyte is The negative ions move to the working electrode, and the positive ions move to the counter electrode. At this time, the measured gas diffuses on the working electrode, and under the action of the catalyst, an electrochemical reaction is generated to release electric charge, which changes the potential of the working electrode and the counter electrode, and generates a current.

The carbon monoxide sensor is a sensor based on the electrochemical principle. It has the characteristics of rapid and sensitive response and strong anti-interference ability. After our unique compensation algorithm, multi-stage standard gas calibration, it also has a long life, high precision, The characteristics of high repeatability and high stability are also of great significance for reducing accidents and effectively guaranteeing coal mine safety production and the life safety of miners.

The range of the carbon monoxide sensor is 0-1000ppm (default) and 0-2000ppm. Other ranges can also be customized; the measurement accuracy is high, up to ±3% FS, and the repeatability is up to 2% Within; optional high-quality OLED display, the value can be directly viewed on site, and can be clearly displayed at night; especially in the occasions with poor ventilation, when the gas leaks to 150ppm and begins to cause harm to the human body, the carbon monoxide transmitter will Alarm reminders, and send the detected values u200bu200bto the central station on the well for data processing, so that managers can keep track of the concentration of carbon dioxide gas in the underground at any time, so as to ensure the safe production of coal mines.

Installation method:

1. Wall-mounted installation design with exquisite appearance. Install screws on both sides, saving space and easy to use.

2. High-density material shell: The shell is made of high-density material, and the inside is sealed with a waterproof rubber strip, which has a significant moisture-proof effect.

3. Waterproof and breathable membrane: The high-quality waterproof and breathable membrane is used to ensure air circulation while waterproofing to ensure the accuracy of carbon monoxide measurement.

In fact, not only coal mines, but many poorly ventilated production sites, such as underground parking lots, garages, workshops, etc., require the installation of carbon monoxide sensors to monitor the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air in a timely and effective manner to ensure work and The construction is carried out safely.

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