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A portable automatic meteorological station

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-09

a portable automatic meteorological station automatic meteorological station is a kind of portable automatic weather station site, used to wind direction, wind speed, precipitation, air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, solar radiation, soil temperature, soil moisture, nine meteorological elements such as all-weather field monitoring, is an important part of meteorological station system. With mobile phone meteorological service, can through a variety of communication methods ( Cable, digital radio, GPRS mobile communications, etc. ) With the meteorological center computer communication, the transmission of meteorological data to the meteorological center computer meteorological database, used for statistical analysis and processing. Portable equipment automatic meteorological station meteorological sensors, microcomputer meteorological data acquisition device, power supply system, light screen, the wild protection box and stainless steel stents, etc. Wind speed and direction, such as sensors for specialized meteorological sensor, has the characteristics of high precision with high reliability. Microcomputer meteorological data acquisition device with meteorological data acquisition, real-time clock, meteorological data store regularly, parameter setting, the friendly man-machine interface and standard communication function. Widely used in meteorology, environmental protection, airport, forestry, hydrology, military, warehousing, scientific research and other fields. Configuration of atmospheric digital temperature and humidity sensor ( With light screen) Wind direction, wind speed dew-point sensor sensor tilting rainfall, evaporation, sunshine solar total radiation sensor microcomputer sensor stainless steel stainless steel stent weather observation field meteorological data acquisition instrument protective box GPRS wireless meteorological center software meteorological database solar battery power supply device and 220 v dual-mode GPRS wireless communication module. Function of real time monitoring of wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, temperature, humidity, air pressure, solar radiation, soil temperature, soil moisture nine elements such as meteorological parameters. Microcomputer meteorological data acquisition device with meteorological data acquisition, real-time clock, time storage, parameters setting, historical data and meteorological power-fail protection function. Mobile phone meteorological service. Standard RS232/485 communication function, and support the MODBUS communication protocol, can move through the cable, wireless GPRS and wireless digital radio communications and weather computer meteorological monitoring system. System characteristics and field protective box adopts full stainless steel stents, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, anti-interference. Chinese character LCD keyboard interface, friendly man-machine interface. Reliable operation in various harsh field environment, low power consumption, high stability, high precision, and can be unattended. The perfect lightning protection, anti-jamming and other protection measures. Hardware and software adopts the module combined open design, flexible combination. Weather sensors can be selected according to need. Communication can be selected according to need. The power system can be selected according to need. Power system with mains, dc and solar system in a variety of ways.

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