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About the wind speed sensor

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-26

As a professional wind speed sensor manufacturer, the editor will introduce you to the function of wind speed sensor. Here are some basic functions:

The SL-2000 series of products is an innovative smoke detector that meets the requirements of the US NFPA and ICC on air duct smoke detectors, and represents contemporary air ducts.

The smoke detector. The product is used for early smoke and combustible gas detection of flowing gas in HVAC ducts of commercial, industrial, and residential buildings.

  SL-2000 series products can be equipped with ion detectors or photodetectors according to different customer requirements, and have the design function of replaceable probes, which can be inspected

The measuring probe is simply and quickly disassembled for maintenance or cleaning. Multiple output terminals can be used to connect remote peripherals, such as buzzers, warning lights, and remote status.

Status indicator and test/reset position switch or button etc.

Generally, the main body of the wind direction sensor adopts the mechanical structure of the wind vane. When the wind blows to the tail wing of the wind vane, the arrow of the wind vane will point to the direction of the wind. In order to maintain the sensitivity to the direction, different internal mechanisms are also used to distinguish the direction for the wind direction sensor. There are usually three categories:

1. Electromagnetic wind direction sensor: It is designed using electromagnetic principles. Because there are many types of principles, the structure is different. At present, some of these sensors have begun to use gyroscope chips or electronic compasses as basic components, and their measurement accuracy can be obtained. A further improvement.

2. Photoelectric wind direction sensor: This kind of wind direction sensor uses a gray code disc as the basic element, and uses a special customized coding code, based on the principle of photoelectric signal conversion, which can accurately output the corresponding wind direction information.

3. Resistive wind direction sensor: This kind of wind direction sensor adopts a structure similar to a sliding rheostat. The maximum and minimum resistance values u200bu200bgenerated are marked as 360° and 0° respectively. When the wind vane rotates, the sliding rheostat The slider will rotate with the wind vane on the top, and the different voltage changes produced can calculate the angle or direction of the wind direction.

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