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Add chain on the chain, the perfect integration of the cold chain temperature and humidity monitoring system and the blockchain

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-28
Add chain on the chain, the perfect integration of the cold chain temperature and humidity monitoring system and the blockchain
In recent days, my country's cold chain frozen products have been detected positive for the new crown virus. Frozen fresh food is frequently recruited. Strengthening the source control of imported cold chain food is a top priority.

In response to the current problems, on December 3, the State Administration for Market Regulation adopted the promotion of the construction of a traceability management platform for imported cold chain foods to further strengthen the 'physical prevention' measures for the import risk of the new crown virus. At present, the national imported cold chain food traceability management platform is online. In the 9 provinces (municipalities) that are connected to the national platform for trial operation, the import volume of cold chain food at the first station accounted for more than 90% of the country, basically realizing the information traceability of the entire chain from customs entry to production and processing, wholesale and retail, and catering services.

To reduce the virus risk of imported cold chain products, we must first clarify and solve some information problems:

Where do the raw materials of these items come from?

Where is it processed? Who passes by? What process did it go through?

Where did you go? Where are they sold?

Are these places classified as high-risk new crown epidemic areas?

Is the person in contact with the new crown infection?


To clarify this information, it is inseparable from the whole process information collection and real-time traceability of the cold chain food supply chain.

Blockchain + cold chain temperature and humidity monitoring system


Blockchain is a term in the field of information technology. In essence, it is a shared database, data or information stored in it.

In the context of the normalization of the epidemic nowadays, both the market and consumers have put forward higher requirements for the whole-process fine control of cold chain food traceability: by building a complete cold chain food electronic traceability system, Code all kinds of cold chain foods from the source, timely and accurately upload the source, destination, quantity, location and other key data of the goods to ensure that the source can be checked and whereabouts can be traced. When abnormal situations occur, one-click investigation and rapid positioning can be performed 'To buy precious time for epidemic prevention and control. In this way, the relationship between people and things is established, and the basic requirements of 'the source can be traced, whereabouts can be traced, risks are controllable, and public participation' are realized.

Not only that, but key port cities should also implement first-stop prevention and control measures such as centralized disinfection, nucleic acid testing, and information entry. It is necessary to strengthen coordination and linkage, strengthen cross-regional and cross-departmental cooperation in information notification, risk communication, investigation and disposal, and cohere and work together on a larger scale, and weave a dense cold chain 'physical defense' network.

Cold chain temperature and humidity monitoring system

The so-called cold chain logistics generally refers to the production, storage, transportation, and sales of refrigerated and frozen foods, and all the links to the end user are always in a specified low temperature and humidity environment. A systematic project to ensure food quality and reduce food loss.

The food cold chain is established with the advancement of science and technology and the development of refrigeration technology. It is based on refrigeration technology and refrigeration technology as a means of logistics phenomena under low temperature conditions. Therefore, the cold chain construction requires that the various issues involved in production, transportation, sales, economics, and technology should be considered together, and the relationship between them should be coordinated to ensure the safety of corrosive food in the processing, transportation and sales process. It is A low-temperature system project with high-tech content.

The food cold chain logistics is generally divided into four parts: refrigerated (frozen) processing, refrigerated (frozen) storage, refrigerated (frozen) transportation and distribution, and refrigerated (frozen) sales. The weakest link of chain logistics. Due to many factors such as environmental impact, technical limitations, and cost, it is difficult to control temperature and humidity during transportation and distribution. Therefore, with a cold chain temperature and humidity monitoring system, it can effectively prevent the risk of cold chain transportation 'broken chain' in cold chain transportation. Real-time automatic monitoring and recording of temperature and humidity conditions can ensure food quality and reduce losses.

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