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Advantages and characteristics of NB-IOT, NB-IOT is used in temperature and humidity sensors

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-11
The advantages and characteristics of NB-IOT, NB-IOT is used in temperature and humidity sensors
With the rise of 5G, the transmission between people has become faster and more reliable. However, the development of the Internet of Things industry is not only limited to the communication between people, but also the communication between things. Only by realizing the communication between things and things, can the industry grow infinitely.

Although 5G has the characteristics of high speed and large capacity, it comes with problems such as small coverage area and high price. Once a large-scale 5G base station is built, it will lead to a linear increase in cost. From this point of view, using 5G to communicate with devices is not reliable. In the Internet of Things industry, issues such as data transmission volume and signal coverage area are costs that operators have to consider.

NB-IOT can solve this problem. Operators do not need to re-establish infrastructure and related equipment. They only need to place NB-IOT on existing base stations to achieve regional coverage. According to relevant data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, by the end of 2020, China's NB-IoT network has achieved universal coverage in the main urban areas of cities above the county level and deep coverage in key areas; it has promoted the migration of existing 2G/3G Internet of Things services to NB-IoT and other networks, and created a number of NB-IoT application benchmarking project and NB-IoT million-level connection scale application scenarios.

NB-IoT has three significant features:

1. Low power consumption: It is understood that some NB-IoT terminals can be standby for 10 years, and this bright spot uses speed as a price;< /p>2. High coverage: Based on a gain of 20dB, NB-IoT can not only cover a range of nearly 20km (open areas), but its signal can also penetrate some buildings;

3. Capacity: the same as 5G , In a base station, 50,000 terminals can be connected at the same time.

Currently, NB-IOT technology has been applied in many fields, including smart parking, smart fire protection, smart water services, smart street lights, shared bicycles, smart home appliances, smart monitoring and many other scenarios.

RS-WS-NB-2 temperature and humidity sensor is a new type of IoT temperature and humidity sensor based on NB-IOT network and powered by battery with ultra-low power consumption. The temperature and humidity sensor has high accuracy and stability. Good advantages. Built-in large-capacity battery can support continuous use for 3 years. The use of NB-IoT network has the characteristics of low power consumption and wide coverage, so it has a higher connection quality.

This product can be widely used in environmental monitoring, weather monitoring, smart agriculture, cold chain transportation and other environments. Compared with traditional IoT sensors, it has obvious deployment and maintenance advantages, and it is simple to construct and does not require Wiring is truly ready to install and use.

NB type temperature and humidity sensor built-in high-quality temperature and humidity measurement unit, using high-sensitivity built-in/extension probe, respectively ± 0.5 ℃ (25 ℃), ± 3%RH (5%RH~95%RH, 25 ℃) temperature and humidity accuracy, accurate monitoring of air temperature and humidity in an environment of -40℃~+60℃, 0%RH~80%RH;

Industrial scenes are complicated, and the standby time must be very long. Long, NB-type temperature and humidity sensor uses a large-capacity lithium battery to power the device. The default is 60min to upload data once, with low power consumption, and can be used continuously for more than 3 years; it adopts an IP65 protection grade shell, and uses a waterproof tape inside for multi-channel waterproofing. , Even if the equipment is used in harsh environments, the measurement is still accurate. The wall-mounted installation method is simple and convenient. There is a fuse holder at the bottom. When the device is successfully installed, screw the black wire holder on and the device is in the power-on state. No wiring is required on site, saving hardware costs for powering equipment.

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