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Agricultural cloud platform

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-12

wisdom agriculture cloud channel after sensing equipment real-time collection of agricultural environment of air temperature, air humidity, carbon dioxide, illumination, soil moisture, soil temperature, the temperature and wind speed data such as bird; To transmit data through mobile communications network to the service channels, service suit for channel analysis data processing. Production can take timely prevention and control measures, reduce yield risk; Active control in the person that produce cloud channel can be long together produce field irrigation facilities, ventilation, cooling and warming, the precision work, to cut labor costs. Greenhouses with wisdom, for example: long-distance manipulation functions in good condition greenhouses, electric shutter device, exhaust fan, electrical and mechanical equipment such as electric irrigation system, which can realize long-distance control function. Farmers can through phone or computer login system, the control valve of the water in the greenhouse, exhaust fan, shutter machine switch; Can also be programmed to control logic, the system is on the basis of exterior condition actively open or closed shutter machine mechanical and electrical equipment, water valves, fan and greenhouse.

use of the Internet of things cloud channel, can rapidly generate professional wireless sensor system solutions, greenhouse intelligent control solutions, solution agriculture demonstration park, terminal handling solution, soil moisture detection solutions, field environment monitoring solution, corral environmental monitoring solution, the active control solution of gardening, research institutes form a complete set of solutions, intelligent water-saving irrigation solutions, aquaculture for solutions, video monitoring system solutions, climate, environment monitoring solution. Cloud channel on the need of agricultural produce, customizable set up standardized production process, process once launched, the channel will take the initiative to undertake the mission to create, allocation and tracking. Staff can receive the mission of distributing the instructions on a mobile phone, and according to the mission requirement of farming operations and reporting work. Together, also can be in their channels in the distributed mission and work efficiency supervision of staff, to understand the status of the park from anywhere, anytime.

wisdom agriculture cloud channel can help users to brand agricultural products, and for each agricultural products rich source files. After cloud channel, the yield can be produced into objects, as well as testing and certification of agricultural products, processing, distribution information such as records, the related information can add to the agricultural products traceability records; Together after arrangement at the scene of the production of smart sensors, cameras and other Internet equipment, channels can be active agricultural growth environment data gathering, developing information and real-time video images, rich agricultural archives.

fine - open agricultural cloud platform for the production, wholesale markets, supermarkets and other circulation of video information full name records, interlocking, the well-documented effect, USES the Internet of things technology, make each link emergency join together, to avoid data loss or human intervention in the process of food circulation circulation, trusted to protect the safety of food. To realize the data through mobile network transmission to the service management platform, to analysis the data service management platform. Producers can according to the data remote automatic control irrigation of manufacturing facilities, ventilation, cooling and warming, realize the precise operation, reduce labor costs.

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