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Agricultural four conditions monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-29
Agricultural four conditions monitoring system
1. System background

With the development of smart agriculture, technologies such as the Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence have gradually been applied to all aspects of agricultural production, greatly improving the allocation of labor, capital and other production factors. And utilization efficiency.

With the help of the Internet of Things, Smart Agriculture has built an agricultural production system that integrates environmental monitoring and regulation, which can monitor and supervise different agricultural production environments and objects, and detect physical parameters of the environment through sensing equipment to monitor soil, Real-time dynamic monitoring of the production environment such as insect situation and weather to make it meet the environmental standards of agricultural production. The application of these new technologies will greatly improve the quality of agricultural products, make them meet market demand, and realize the effective connection between supply and demand, and promote agricultural production. Refinement, high efficiency and modern development.

2. System composition

The agricultural four conditions monitoring system (moisture content, insect condition, climate, seedling condition) consists of terminal equipment (tube soil moisture condition monitor, insect condition measuring and reporting instrument, weather station, video surveillance) , The composition of the four conditions of agriculture forecasting platform. The system can monitor the soil moisture status (soil temperature, soil moisture, soil pH value, etc.), disease and insect status (types of disease and insect pests, number of disease and insect pests, etc.), climatic conditions (air temperature, humidity, rainfall, light intensity, carbon dioxide, etc.) in agricultural fields. , Wind speed, wind direction and other environmental parameters) for system monitoring and management, and upload the data to the measurement and reporting platform through GPRS/4G or network port. Managers can remotely view the data and trends of various environmental parameters in real time, saving manpower, and making corresponding adjustments based on data feedback , In order to ensure the good growth of crops and help agricultural production.

Tube-type soil moisture monitor

The tube-type soil moisture monitor is a sensor based on the principle of dielectric constant and supports 10-30V wide voltage charging.

The shell is made of PVC plastic pipe, and the high frequency detection wave of nearly 1G Hz is emitted inside, which can penetrate the plastic pipe and effectively sense the soil environment.

Not affected by salt ions in the soil, agricultural activities such as fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation will not affect the measurement results, and the data is accurate.

The electrode of the sensor is not in direct contact with the soil to avoid the interference of electricity to the soil and the plants in the soil.

Insect situation detection and reporting instrument

Using modern optical, electrical, numerical control and other technologies, it can automatically complete system operations such as trapping, killing insects, dispersing insects, photographing, transporting, collecting, and draining.

The upper and lower two layers of far-infrared insect body treatment bins have a lethal rate of not less than 98% and a completion rate of not less than 95%. The rain and insect separation technology is adopted to automatically separate rainwater and insects.

Adopt light control technology: turn off the lights during the day and stand by, and automatically turn on detection at night, and when working at night, it will not change the working state due to instantaneous strong light.

There are blinds around the lamp, which can effectively prevent non-target large insects or leaves and other debris from entering the equipment and affecting the identification of the insect body.

The weather station

supports dual power supply of mains and solar energy to ensure that the equipment can work normally and uninterrupted under severe conditions.

1 RJ45 network port (advanced version), which can upload weather monitoring data to the remote monitoring software platform.

1 multifunctional GPRS communication interface, only need to insert a card to upload data to the remote monitoring software platform.

1 ModBus-RTU slave interface, which can be connected to the user's own monitoring host, PLC, configuration screen or configuration software, and can also be used as an external 192*96 outdoor screen (optional).

With 1 ModBus-RTU master station interface, it can be connected to our company's 485 transmitter: wind speed, wind direction, soil temperature and moisture, soil ECPH, air temperature and humidity, noise, air quality, atmospheric pressure, light, rain and snow , UV, total radiation, CO, O3, NO2, SO2, H2S, O2, CO2, NPK, evaporation, negative oxygen ion, NH3, TVOC and other transmitters, support a variety of measurement elements freely collocation.

Optional 2 relay outputs can be used for remote manual control.

Video surveillance

The video surveillance equipment can dynamically view the dynamic images of agricultural fields in real time, and upload them to the platform for viewing through the network.

Introduction of the platform

The four conditions of agriculture forecasting platform is an online monitoring platform that integrates the monitoring of insect situation, meteorology and moisture situation. Insect situation monitoring has functions such as automatic identification of Al pests, remote real-time viewing of pest situation, online analysis of pest situation, automatic identification of pest types, regional pest situation statistics, analysis of pest situation change trend, equipment monitoring and other functions. Weather monitoring has the functions of remote real-time viewing of weather and online analysis of historical weather data. Moisture monitoring has the functions of remotely acquiring soil moisture (such as soil temperature and humidity, moisture, PH) data, and online analysis of soil moisture historical data.

1. Monitoring homepage

The monitoring homepage displays menu information such as device list, large-screen visualization, and map display. Display soil moisture, insect status, weather monitoring icons and the operating status of the equipment.

2. Insect situation monitoring system

Insect situation monitoring includes five parts: real-time pest situation, pest situation analysis, pest species, real-time status, and operation record.

3. Insect situation monitoring

4. Insect situation statistics

Insect situation statistics include regional statistics and trend analysis.

Regional analysis: Select the region, click query after selecting the time, and you can query the number of pests in the pest situation equipment in the selected time period.

Trend analysis: select the area, click query after selecting the time, you can query the curve change of the number of pests in the area.

5. Meteorological monitoring

6. Moisture monitoring

7. Video monitoring

8. System management

3. Functional characteristics

Real-time insect monitoring, insect Efficient situation identification, one-click export of insect situation reports, real-time environmental monitoring, abnormal environmental data alarm, timely control of equipment, remote video monitoring, and support for secondary development.

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