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Agricultural four emotions monitoring system opens a new chapter in smart agriculture

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-29
Agricultural four emotions monitoring system opens a new chapter in smart agriculture
A few days ago, the National Bureau of Statistics released data: my country has a good summer grain harvest in 2021. The total output of summer grain in the country reached 145.82 million tons. This is my country's 18th consecutive summer grain harvest season. 'One grain is good for a thousand grains,' and grain output hit a new high, which reflects China's continued emphasis on agricultural development.

Agricultural production and operation model supported by science and technology is inseparable from the natural gift of good weather and good weather. With the continuous penetration of information technologies such as 'Internet +' and 'Intelligent +' in the agricultural field, from the granary in the Central Plains to the black soil in the northeast, and then to the land of fish and rice in the south of the Yangtze River, new agricultural machinery and new technologies have taken root in the fields, from 'people carrying cattle' to 'Machine farming

At present, the development of smart agriculture in my country is still in the exploration and initial stage. Generally speaking, the related technologies and equipment of smart agriculture are not perfect, which makes the promotion and development of smart agriculture more difficult. In order to further improve the construction of intelligent agricultural equipment and increase the yield and quality of crops, we will use modern technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, AI intelligence, big data, and sensors to monitor agricultural 'moisture, insect, climate, and seedling conditions' as The core agricultural four conditions monitoring system. Through intelligent monitoring and data analysis of the agricultural production environment, a new agricultural development model integrating centralized production, intelligent remote control, scientific management, and data analysis is formed.

The monitoring system of the four conditions of agriculture consists of terminal equipment (soil moisture monitoring instrument, insect monitoring instrument, weather station, seedling condition detecting instrument), and a platform for monitoring and reporting the four conditions of agriculture. The system can monitor the soil moisture status (soil temperature, soil moisture), disease and insect status (types of disease and insect pests, number of disease and insect pests, etc.), climate conditions (air temperature and humidity, rainfall, light intensity, carbon dioxide, wind speed and direction, etc.) of environmental parameters in agricultural fields. ) Carry out system monitoring and management, upload data to the agricultural four situation forecasting platform through 4G or network port, so that staff can remotely view various environmental data and trends in real time, and understand the growth environment of crops based on data feedback and make timely adjustments to help agriculture Production.

The functions of the monitoring system for the four conditions of agriculture:

1. Soil moisture monitoring

The tubular soil moisture monitoring instrument can measure the soil temperature and water content data of 3 or 5 layers Dynamic observation. The PVC shell is used to effectively avoid the interference of electricity on the soil and the plants in the soil, so that the detection wave is not affected by soil salt ions, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation and other agricultural activities. The built-in inclination sensor makes the measurement angle accurate and stable, thereby quickly and comprehensively understanding soil moisture information, scientifically formulating drought-resistant scheduling plans, and reducing crop losses.

2. Insect situation monitoring

The insect situation measuring and reporting instrument can remotely control the field insect situation, trapping and killing insects without pollution. In the case of unsupervised, system operations such as trapping, killing insects, dispersing insects, taking pictures, transportation, collection, and drainage are completed automatically, and then use wireless transmission technology and Internet of Things technology to upload the pest situation to the monitoring and reporting platform in real time. The purpose of pest trapping, classified statistics, real-time reporting, remote detection, pest early warning and prevention, provides services for modern agriculture.

3. Meteorological monitoring

The agro-meteorological station that integrates multiple meteorological monitoring equipment such as wind speed, wind direction, air temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, light intensity, precipitation, etc., can achieve 24 Hourly real-time monitoring. In order to rationally allocate agricultural production, determine farming systems and cultivation methods to provide data support, take measures in advance to prevent meteorological disasters, seek advantages and avoid disadvantages under human intervention, and achieve the goal of high yield and bumper harvest.

4. Miao situation monitoring

to watch Miao situation without going out. The video system composed of seedling situation cameras can remotely and intuitively view the growth status of crops in the field and the operation of agricultural monitoring equipment in real time, changing the current situation of agricultural staff checking seedling situation on the spot, reducing the input of manpower and material resources, and improving work efficiency.

The Four Situations Forecasting Platform for Agriculture is an online monitoring platform integrating moisture, insect situation, weather, and seedling situation monitoring. It has features such as large-screen visualization, intelligent alarms, real-time map viewing, and historical data query. The user can log in according to the account and password, and check various environmental factors during the growth of crops, such as light, temperature and humidity, etc. at any time. With the help of big data, cloud computing and other technologies, the data is formed into an analysis report to accurately 'check' every link of crop production and provide scientific basis for agricultural technicians to guide agricultural production.

The monitoring system of the four emotions of agriculture has become the 'clairvoyance' and 'stethoscope' of the modern agricultural production management process. During the '14th Five-Year Plan' period, it is necessary to do a good job in the combination of 'having grains in the ground and storing grains in technologyConsolidate the foundation of science and technology.

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