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Agricultural meteorological station monitor agricultural environment changes

by:Rika Sensors     2020-09-11
Meteorological monitoring system overview: agricultural meteorological monitoring system for real-time monitoring and agricultural ecological environment and agricultural production activities related to environmental monitoring, agricultural meteorological environment monitoring can use agricultural meteorological monitoring system for real-time monitoring. It can with vegetation and crops growth is closely related to the soil, water, light, heat and other agricultural meteorological environment factor for continuous monitoring, gathering information on crop growth status and farmland soil moisture for comprehensive monitoring, timely grasp the field growth, growth restriction when field because of these factors, the user can rapid response, emergency preparedness measures. For agricultural production, agricultural environment research, crop improvement, crop phenological period monitoring, prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests and other related production management to provide the corresponding scientific data and decision-making basis. Can be widely used in agricultural production, scientific research and standard measurement purposes. Typical application:

meteorological monitoring system for meteorological monitoring system can be used in the field of climate science research, agricultural meteorological forecast service, agricultural disaster warning, animal husbandry and aquaculture environment early warning service, characteristic crop meteorological monitoring, field microclimate monitoring system.

meteorological monitoring system characteristics: diversification of the intervention, zero distance sensing growth status, high precision data presentation, iot mode expansion, low consumption, solar energy, multi-media communications security, multi-type according to distribution, large data monitoring platform.

meteorological monitoring system composition: agricultural meteorological stations include monitoring platform, acquisition system, communication system, sensor system, power supply system, monitoring system, mechanical installation pieces of real system of seven parts. Can simultaneously measure the air temperature and humidity, wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, soil temperature, soil moisture, light intensity, air pressure and other meteorological environmental elements. Can according to demand to expand configuration: soil PH sensor, a soil salt sensor, co2 sensor, total radiation, sunshine time, evaporation sensors, temperature sensors, surface dew point temperature, photosynthetic active radiation sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor on the leaf on the leaf of various meteorological elements such as sensor. Can be mounted to the LED display ( The ac power supply) , size is adjustable, collected real-time meteorological data and other information set.

can be mounted to the monitor, automatic photo, video upload platform, convenient observation of plant growth and the actual situation.

weihai precision - open independent production research and development of agricultural meteorological station various style optional, can be uploaded to the cloud platform, real-time observation of climate change, can also with air quality sensor, real-time monitoring of air quality change, promote the wisdom of the sustainable development of agriculture.

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