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Agricultural water use is rationalized, and the soil moisture monitoring system is 'unified' for a win-win situation

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-28
Agricultural water use is rationalized, and the soil moisture monitoring system is 'unified' for a win-win situation
According to news from Xinhua News Agency on December 8, Tianbaopi, Longshouqu Yinluogu Irrigation District, Baishaxi 36 Weir, and Sangyuanwei were successfully included in the 2020 World Irrigation Project Heritage List on the 8th. So far, my country has 23 world irrigation engineering heritage sites, making China the country with the richest types of heritage projects, the widest distribution range, and the most prominent irrigation benefits.

The World Heritage List of Irrigation Projects was established in 2014. It aims to sort out the development context of the world's irrigation civilization, promote the protection of irrigation project heritage, summarize the wisdom of traditional irrigation projects, and provide historical experience and inspiration for sustainable irrigation development. There are also 10 irrigation projects from India, Iran, Japan, South Korea, and South Africa that have been successfully selected for the 2020 World Irrigation Project Heritage List. At present, the total number of world irrigation engineering heritages reaches 105, distributed in 16 countries.

'The ancient irrigation projects that have been passed down to this day contain profound scientific philosophy. They are a treasure of the development of water culture in China, and have great contributions and enlightenment values u200bu200bto the development of irrigation agriculture today.' Chairman of the National Irrigation and Drainage Commission of China, Ministry of Water Resources Rural Water Conservancy Chen Mingzhong, Director of the Department of Hydropower, said that protecting, inheriting and making good use of these historical and culturally valuable irrigation projects can draw on the wisdom of the ancients to use natural and human sciences to benefit the local people, and further explore and develop the functions of irrigation projects to ensure national food security. Contributions also give deeper connotations to the construction of modern irrigation districts.

China has a long history of constructing irrigation projects. As early as two thousand years ago, many types of irrigation projects were created. In order to adapt to the complexity of natural conditions such as hydrology and geography, ancient people created various types of irrigation projects. , Such as water diversion channels, slope pond weirs, slope canals series, well springs, Karez wells, imperial salt water storage and other engineering types, for subsequent continuous development, accumulated a lot of engineering and technical experience.

China is a big agricultural country, and farmland is a big water user. Irrigation projects play an important role in agriculture. my country’s agricultural water consumption accounts for about 63% of the country’s total water consumption. To 30%. A large amount of water evaporates during the irrigation process, resulting in a large amount of waste of water. Moisture monitoring is a key technical link for the promotion of new water-saving agricultural technologies and the realization of scientific water use and reasonable and effective water use.

Moisture is the degree to which soil moisture meets crop growth. For soil moisture information, from macro to micro monitoring, forecasting and dynamic analysis, traditional methods are difficult to achieve. If based on the monitoring of soil moisture information, the irrigation timing and water volume can be controlled, which can effectively improve water use efficiency.

In order to improve and give play to the value of land and reduce resource waste, the soil moisture monitoring system can help people release soil moisture information in time, scientifically guide drought and waterlogging prevention, disaster prevention and mitigation in various places, and guide agricultural planting. The key technical links to realize scientific water use and reasonable and effective water use. It provides a basis for farmland water management and guidance for irrigation. Doing a good job of moisture monitoring is one of the important means to prevent drought and promote the sustainable development of green agriculture. It is also a key link in the development of water-saving agriculture and the basic support for the construction of modern agriculture.

With the improvement of the economic level, there is no direct proportion to the improvement of agricultural planting technology. To be precise, these advanced agricultural technologies have not been well popularized. Farmers are still planting based on their feelings, causing a lot of waste of resources. . The rational use of soil moisture monitoring systems can contribute to agricultural water conservation.

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