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Agricultural weather station: Obtain weather data anytime, anywhere

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-28
Agricultural weather station: Obtain weather data anytime, anywhere

Meteorological and environmental factors are the main reasons affecting agricultural production. As our country's agriculture becomes more and more scientific and technological, the past 'relying on the sky for food' no longer exists. The use of agro-meteorological stations plays an important role in agriculture.

The agricultural weather station can monitor temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall, air pressure, etc. in real time. By observing these meteorological factors, it can provide information on agricultural planting, harvesting, and pest control. Can refer to the data to support and give certain predictions and guidance.

What are the characteristics of agricultural weather stations?

Establish an agricultural disaster early warning system to reduce agricultural disaster losses

Real-time monitoring of environmental data, when it reaches the set At the early warning value, an alarm message is issued to remind the administrator to take corresponding measures to reduce agricultural disaster losses.

Realize a precision agriculture management model

Monitoring climate factors, soil physical and chemical properties, and combining crop physiological and ecological characteristics to accurately grasp The timing and amount of fertilizer application; avoid environmental pollution; reduce ineffective irrigation and save agricultural water.

Realize agricultural automation management

Realize intelligent automatic irrigation and remote management mode, reduce the number of managers and labor intensity, Solve the problem of the continuing shortage of agricultural labor and reduce agricultural costs.

Easy to expand, easy to operate

Easy to install, easy to maintain and upgrade, easy to deploy, and easy to operate on the software platform.

A variety of ways to query and browse data

Log in to the mobile WeChat official account or browse the terminal to query data anytime, anywhere. Time and location restrictions.

Weather station equipment generally has to be used continuously year after year. Then, a good weather station equipment What are the basic indicators?

Accuracy requirements meet the needs of meteorological services; reliability meets all-weather observation requirements; simple design, convenient operation and maintenance;

The detailed description documents are complete; Complete testing and evaluation by authoritative institutions; with system expansion function.

The agricultural weather station is a crop weather detection system designed for crop growth environment monitoring and disaster monitoring and early warning. It consists of weather sensors, microcomputer weather data acquisition instruments, and power supply systems. (City or solar power can be selected), light shutter box, field protective box and stainless steel bracket.

It can be used to measure wind speed, wind direction, air temperature, air humidity, light intensity, CO2, atmospheric pressure, rainfall, precipitation detection, soil temperature and moisture, PM2 .5 and other meteorological parameters. Users can choose to upload data to the monitoring system through the 485 interface, Ethernet interface, GPRS interface, and view real-time data, historical data, alarm records, curves, etc. of any node through the web page, and the data can be printed and exported.

The host has a built-in large-capacity lithium battery, which can work continuously for more than 3 days in rainy and rainy days, which is more convenient to carry and transport than lead batteries. Equipped with RS-DXM-D networked SMS modem in the background, SMS alarm can be carried out, and any temperature and humidity measuring point can be set with more than 10 alarm contacts. Users bring their own computers or servers, install the provided RS-RJ-K software (free use), and cooperate with outdoor weather stations to build an environmental monitoring system by themselves. A cloud platform is also provided, and users can apply for free access. The cloud platform provides equipment data overrun, offline SMS alarm and email alarm services, and provides a free mobile APP with one-click login, which is convenient and easy to use.

The agro-meteorological station operates reliably in various harsh outdoor environments, with beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, anti-interference, and low power The characteristics of energy consumption, high stability and high precision make it convenient for agricultural planting users to manage economic crops scientifically, realize automatic monitoring of comprehensive ecological information such as forestry, agriculture, and gardens, and realize intelligent management of environmental monitoring.

The agricultural weather station is used in agricultural planting to obtain first-hand weather data anytime and anywhere, so that planting is more reasonable and agriculture can obtain better planting effects. In addition to agriculture, it can also be widely used in meteorology, environmental protection, airports, agriculture and forestry, hydrology, military, storage, scientific research and other fields.

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