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An article to understand the soil moisture monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-09
An article to understand the soil moisture monitoring system
The soil moisture monitoring system contains soil temperature and moisture sensors, soil pH sensors, and soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium sensors, which can realize long-term continuous monitoring of soil temperature, moisture, pH, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium content and other parameters, and real-time data Upload to the soil moisture monitoring platform for managers to scientifically formulate relevant scheduling plans and determine whether operations such as fertilization and irrigation are required. In this article, we take the soil moisture monitoring system as an example to understand the various parts of the system.

1. Tubular soil moisture monitor

The tubular soil detector is based on the principle of dielectric constant and can dynamically observe soil moisture content and temperature status at different levels. This detector can detect at least Three-layer soil temperature and humidity status, up to 5 layers of soil temperature and humidity status can be detected, which can quickly and comprehensively understand soil moisture information and grasp the law of soil moisture change. This product is not only used for detecting soil moisture and drought information, but also for real-time detection of weather, water and rain, moisture, agricultural conditions, water storage and diversion of water conservancy projects and other places.

1. The product shell is made of PVC plastic pipe, and the high frequency detection wave of nearly 1G Hz is emitted inside, which can penetrate the plastic pipe and effectively sense the soil environment.

2. The product is not affected by salt ions in the soil, and agricultural activities such as fertilizers, pesticides, and irrigation will not affect the measurement results, and the data has high accuracy.

3. The electrode of the sensor is not in direct contact with the soil to avoid the interference of electricity on the soil and the plants in the soil.

4. The product adopts the standard Modbus-RTU485 communication mode, and the farthest communication is 2000 meters.

5. The product supports 10-30V wide voltage charging.

Second, soil pH sensor

The most important step when planting crops is the pH of the soil. If the pH is too low or too high, it will affect nutrient absorption. The soil pH sensor can be used to measure the pH value of the soil. It is made of metal The sensor and the function value switching device are combined. As the core hardware system, the metal sensor is in direct contact with the soil during detection, and uses the oxidation reaction in the chemical reaction to generate current. The magnitude of the current value will drive the data of different ph value units corresponding to the ammeter, which is converted by the host to show the value to people. It can be widely used in the detection of soil pH, precision agriculture, forestry, geological prospecting, plant cultivation, water conservancy, environmental protection and other fields.

1. Low threshold, few steps, fast measurement, no reagents, unlimited detection times.

2. High measurement accuracy, up to ±0.3PH accuracy, fast response speed and good interchangeability.

3. The electrode is made of specially treated alloy material, which can withstand strong external impact and is not easy to damage.

4. Completely sealed, resistant to acid and alkali corrosion, and can be buried in the soil for long-term dynamic testing.

5. The probe plug-in design ensures accurate measurement and reliable performance.

3. Soil parameter rapid measuring instrument

The composition index of soil plays a very important role in the growth of crops. The soil parameter rapid measuring instrument can accurately detect soil temperature and humidity, soil electrical conductivity and soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. And other ingredients, to help managers improve the soil through the detected data, to achieve the purpose of monitoring the supply of plant nutrients, so that the crops are in a suitable living environment, thereby increasing yields. The shape of the sensor adopts a hand-held design, which is convenient for users to carry. The probe adopts a four-pin probe design. The material is stainless steel, which has good corrosion resistance and toughness. It can be widely used in farmland production, soil research, greenhouse planting, orchard nursery, horticultural planting, tree planting, pot planting and other fields.

1. Hand-held design, small size, light weight, convenient for users to carry.

2. Real-time monitoring of soil components, which can detect various organic components such as soil temperature and humidity, electrical conductivity, and nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

3. Low threshold, few steps, fast measurement, no reagents, unlimited detection times.

4. It adopts battery power supply, LCD digital display, and the interface parameter function display is clear.

5. The probe plug-in design ensures accurate measurement and reliable performance.

4. Soil moisture monitoring platform

The soil moisture monitoring system includes a soil moisture monitoring platform, which can collect various soil parameters monitored by soil moisture monitors, soil pH sensors, and soil parameter rapid measuring instruments in real time, and Perform real-time data analysis. Once the content in the soil is too high or too low, the platform will send alarm messages to managers to remind them to take measures such as spray drip irrigation, fertilization and fertilizer control in time. The platform can log in to view data on the mobile phone, PAD, and computer terminals, and truly realize data viewing anytime, anywhere.

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