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An Introduction to Weather Forecasting

by:Rika Sensors     2020-05-23
Weather forecasting is the use of science to predict the state of the atmosphere for a future time at a specific location. People have tried predicting weather for a very long time now using a number of different methods, some of which proved effective while others did not work at all. Some people used a certain plant and looked at the flower of that plant to predict the weather, while others observed animal habits and predicted the weather according to their behavior. Later on humans discovered that data collection of the current state of the atmosphere and use of knowledge of the atmospheric processes in order to predict the weather proved to be a lot more effective than observing animal and plant behavior. Much later on, humans developed various instruments to measure things like pressure and temperature. The barometer, a device used to measure atmospheric pressure, proved extremely useful in weather prediction and is now still being used to predict the weather. The thermometer helped with checking the current temperature of the atmosphere and with enough of quantitative data collection and knowledge of the atmospheric processes, the future temperature can now be predicted. Weather prediction is now a very essential part of our day to day lives as it helps us plan out the activities for the coming week. Without weather prediction, we would be left helpless and in total chaos. Weather forecasting has helped us to travel safer without getting caught in bad weather conditions like rain, snow, hail and fog. Without weather forecasting, our airplanes would be going down every day causing a lot of damage and loss of human life. Weather forecasting has also helped the farmers who supply most of the food to the human populous. It helps them decide when to grow their crops and when to take extra care of them. With weather forecasting farmers can now be prepared for any bad weather which can possibly harm their crops. There are a lot of instruments that are available in the market today to help us predict weather. A weather forecaster, home weather station or an electronic weather station are the three options of forecasting instruments you can get. Technology has played a major role in helping us predict the weather more accurately and with a lot less effort. There are numerous different electronic weather forecasting instruments that are made for amateur meteorologists and you no longer have to depend on the television forecasts or the daily newspaper. Weather forecasting is a great achievement for the human race and the techniques used for predicting the weather will definitely become more accurate.
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