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An old city, a cold current, a set of dust monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-19
An old city, a cold current, a set of dust monitoring system
'An old city with mountains and water, all in the sun under the sun, sleeping warmly and peacefully, just waiting for the spring breeze to wake them up, is this an ideal state?'... Once Lao She wrote Jinan The winter in China is so poetic and picturesque, and the wind is sunny; it is a pity that it is gone forever, and it is hard to see such a good weather in winter.

Since December 10, the fog orange warning issued by Shandong Meteorological Bureau has been hoisted for two days until the orange warning was upgraded to red warning in the morning of the 12th. The so-called good fortune is unparalleled, misfortune never comes singly. This morning, the China Meteorological Administration issued a new cold wave warning, 'There will be strong winds, rain and snow during the first cold wave since the beginning of winter.' It is expected that the temperature in the north will drop by 7-8 degrees Celsius as a whole. The haze has not cleared, and the cold wave is coming. The masks that could not stop the haze will face even the low temperature. People can't help but recall the warm and clean old Jinan in the past.

Smog is a general expression of the excessive content of various dust particles in the atmosphere. Smog weather is often formed in autumn and winter when the climate is cold and the air circulation is poor. The increasing content of dust particles in the air will cause haze weather, and the formation of haze weather will seriously affect people’s lives and health. Combining the above conditions, the use of a dust monitoring system to monitor the dust in the environment is very important. It is very necessary.

What do I need to use the dust monitoring system?

As my country's industrialization process tends to be improved, the country has also begun to shift from pursuing economic benefits to environmental protection and ecological benefits, making overall considerations and achieving a win-win situation for both ecological and economic benefits.

Environmental pollution caused by industrial development has had a great impact on my country’s air quality environment. Among them, dust pollution is an important source of environmental pollution. In this regard, the Chinese government requires that every construction site must install a dust monitoring system to monitor the concentration of pollutants in real time to reduce dust pollution.

Functions of the fugitive dust monitoring system

The transmission technology and management application software consist of three parts to realize the monitoring, viewing and management of the on-site environmental conditions.

Five advantages of the dust monitoring system

①Meet the environmental assessment height standard:

The overall height of the pole and sensor is 3m, and the height of the pole and sensor is not less than 2.8m that fully meets the requirements of the environmental assessment.

②Strong wind resistance: the pole is connected with the box body with a hoop, and the pole supports the box body from the back when the wind is in the wind, which can withstand typhoons.

③High-quality power supply: choose a first-line brand-name power supply, with stable voltage and durable power supply.

④Anti-grid voltage fluctuations: use high-quality brand power sources at any cost, and will not be affected by grid voltage fluctuations caused by the start and stop of the tower crane on the site.

⑤Environmental monitoring cloud platform: beautiful interface, intuitive monitoring, remote real-time viewing of data, two-year storage of historical data, global equipment latitude and longitude positioning, real-time SMS warning of exceeding standards.

The significance and function of the dust monitoring system

As the urban construction requires more and more environmental governance, dust monitoring has become an important indicator of environmental monitoring. Object. At present, the main methods for detecting dust are manual sampling and analysis, which is low in detection efficiency and wastes a lot of manpower and material resources. In order to improve the efficiency of dust detection, using wireless sensor technology and laser dust testing equipment, the self-developed all-weather outdoor dust monitoring system can not only realize dust monitoring, but also monitor PM2.5, PM10, PM1.0, TSP, noise, and environment. Temperature, environmental humidity, wind speed, wind direction and other environmental factors, the test data of each test point is directly uploaded to the monitoring background through wireless communication, which greatly saves the monitoring cost of the environmental protection department and improves the monitoring efficiency.

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