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Analysis of Advantages of Air Negative Oxygen Ion Detector

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-05
Analysis of advantages of air negative oxygen ion detector
The development of industry and technology has not only improved the social and economic level, but also caused a certain amount of environmental pollution. The current ecology and urban living environment will be affected to a certain extent, which makes people who want to travel out to be a little worried. In order to enable citizens to clearly understand the air quality of the play area, some tourist attractions and ecological parks (such as botanical gardens, ecological scenic spots, constructed wetlands, etc.) have installed air quality monitoring systems to monitor negative oxygen ions and air temperature in the scenic spots in real time. , Air humidity, PM2.5 and other environmental quality parameters, and transmit the monitoring data to the network monitoring software platform through GPRS, Internet and other methods. After the software platform’s systematic processing, the data will be displayed intuitively and quickly through the LED display. user.

Among them, the content of negative oxygen ions is one of the important indicators for testing air quality, and attracts special attention from people. Negative oxygen ions have many titles such as 'air vitamin'. The content of negative oxygen ions in the air has an important impact on human life activities. The high content of negative oxygen ions in the air can enhance human immunity, improve sleep, calm the nerves, and resist. Oxidative aging and other effects.

The instrument for measuring the content of negative oxygen ions in the air is an air negative oxygen ion detector. The negative oxygen ion detector has a liquid crystal display that can display the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the air. It uses a high-precision negative oxygen ion measurement unit. Long-term stability is good, and drift is small. The equipment can directly press the key to set the parameters, which is easy to operate. Using standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, RS485 signal output, the maximum communication distance can reach 2000 meters (measured).

Comparison of the advantages of the negative oxygen ion detector

1. Accuracy comparison

However, ordinary imported sensors cannot accurately detect changes in the concentration of negative oxygen ions.

2. Gear shifting

In order to make the measurement accuracy higher, the negative oxygen ion detector provides three modes of low gear, high gear, and automatic gear cutting, such as 0~500w range equipment, low gear can be Measure the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the range of 0~30w. The high level can measure the concentration of negative oxygen ions in the range of 0~500w. If it is known that the approximate concentration of negative oxygen ions in the measured air will not exceed 30w, you can directly select the low level. , The measurement accuracy is higher. If you don't know the approximate range of the negative oxygen ion concentration in the air, you can also choose to automatically switch gears, but when the concentration exceeds 30W, there will be a one-minute waiting time for switch gears.

3. Range comparison

The negative oxygen ion detector has a wide measurement range, up to 0~500 million pieces/cm³, which can more meet the measurement needs of users, and the range of products from friends It is small and cannot meet the measurement requirements, and the large-scale process needs to be customized, and the cost performance is not high.

4. Stability comparison

The negative oxygen ion detector adopts imported chips, the circuit board is upgraded, the charge collection is strengthened, the stability is better, and the drift is small, which can ensure the accuracy of the data. Friends of merchants products use ordinary circuit boards, the charge collection is unstable, and the signal is also unstable, which affects the accuracy of the data.

5. Communication comparison

The negative oxygen ion detector adopts 485 communication mode, standard MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, has free software, supports computer and mobile phone to view data online, provides free routines, and supports secondary development And other value-added services, but the products of friends of the merchants need to charge platform software fees, and the cost of a set is relatively expensive and not cost-effective.

6. Customization comparison

The negative oxygen ion detector provides customized services. Various communication protocols and larger ranges can be customized. Other manufacturers do not support customization.

Precautions for the installation of the negative oxygen ion detector:

1. According to the size of the mounting hole, use screws to install and fix it. Note that the device must be placed vertically, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the data.

2. It needs to be stable during installation, and the height of the center of the detector from the ground should be 1.5m.

3. The shell and outer box of the collector should be well grounded.

4. With lightning protection facilities, the grounding resistance should be less than 4Ω.

5. A protective fence can be optionally set up, the height of the fence should not exceed 1.2m, and the distance between the instrument and the fence should be greater than 2.0m.

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