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Analysis of Meteorological Station Failure in Meteorological Monitoring System

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-29
Failure Analysis of Meteorological Station in Meteorological Monitoring System
As a kind of advanced ground telemetry equipment, the weather station has not only improved the accuracy and precision of observation, but also greatly reduced the workload of business personnel and improved work efficiency since it was put into use. However, many problems have occurred since the weather station was put into use. In order to ensure the normal operation of the weather station and improve the accuracy of the collected data, the daily maintenance of the weather station and the analysis of common failures are particularly important.

The faults of weather stations are generally divided into three categories: One is the abnormal operation of the collector. Second, the measurement of meteorological elements is not accurate. The third is the abnormal data transmission caused by the network. The following is a detailed introduction:

Common failure analysis of weather stations

One, the collector does not operate normally

The collector cannot operate normally is the most common fault of the weather station. Affected by many factors, the collector cannot normally collect data, process data, and transmit data. The main reason for this problem is software. Therefore, you can contact professionals to troubleshoot in time. In addition, most weather stations have been built in the wild and are subject to wind and rain. Hardware problems often occur, such as aging of equipment, severe corrosion, poor contact, etc., but the most common hardware failure is power failure, because most weather stations currently use solar panel batteries, which have a short lifespan and impair the normal operation of the weather station Have a certain impact. Therefore, attention should be paid to regular inspection and maintenance of power failures to ensure its normal operation.

2. Inaccurate measurement of meteorological elements

Inaccurate measurement elements often occur in the process of weather station weather detection, mainly due to the damage of temperature sensors. In summer, the temperature difference between day and night is large. Under the influence of the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the function of the sensor is affected to a certain extent, resulting in inaccurate measurement of meteorological elements. In addition, pay attention to the functional screening of the sensor, and other faults must be resolved in time. It should be noted that in the detection process, the sensitivity of the sensor should be started to see if it is suitable for continued use.

3. Abnormal data transmission caused by network reasons

Whether the network is normal is also a key factor affecting the operation of the weather station, and network troubleshooting should be carried out after other faults have been eliminated. Meteorological data needs to be transmitted to the central station database via a wireless network. Therefore, the smoothness of the network is critical. Network faults mainly include arrears, open mode problems, poor contact of network devices, and SIM card oxidation problems. Arrears are relatively common problems. To this end, it is necessary to sign monthly automatic deduction agreements with operating companies such as mobile and telecommunications. At the same time, because the network is updated very quickly, it is necessary to replace the latest SIM card in time to ensure that the network is unblocked. In addition, the influence of the magnetic field on the network should be avoided, and the location should be scientifically evaluated in the process of selecting the address of the regional weather station to ensure the normal operation of the network. Once the regional weather station is found unattended, the citizens should be reminded in time to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Finally, remind everyone that when the weather station encounters some unknown or unsolvable faults, do not operate at will. Contact the manufacturer who purchased the automatic weather station at that time and provide the weather station operation status to the manufacturer in time. Leave the maintenance to the operation of professional maintenance knowledge personnel for troubleshooting. Remember to operate at will to ensure your personal safety.

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