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Antifreeze treatment of wind speed and direction sensor in winter climate

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-20
Antifreeze treatment of wind speed and direction sensor in winter climate
Snowfall Spring City is cold all night, don't forget to add clothes to meet the winter breeze.

In the next few days, due to frequent cold air, the temperature in Jinan will continue to drop, and the temperature in the morning will be below freezing. According to yesterday’s weather forecast, Jinan will usher in snow this evening. In addition, there will be stronger winds in some areas tomorrow, with the strongest wind reaching level 6.

After heavy snowfall across the country, Jinan is about to face two days of snowfall. I am really looking forward to this snow, but the ensuing strong wind will make Jinan’s weather even colder. What impact does the winter monsoon have on Jinan's meteorological monitoring?

The direction of the winter monsoon in my country is generally northwest wind. The northwest wind will bring a large amount of cooling, rain and snow and other weather in the south. The cold wave in Jinan in winter is caused by the winter monsoon.

When the cold wave crosses the border, it is often accompanied by strong northerly winds of magnitude 6-8, causing the temperature along the way to drop sharply and frost occurs. In the north, after rain and snow and other precipitation, it is likely to cause a large area of u200bu200bicing, which makes many outdoor mechanical equipment unusable, such as the mechanical wind speed and direction sensor on the weather station.

Winter wind speed and direction sensor freezing prevention

Wind observation mainly includes wind speed observation and wind direction observation. In actual weather forecasting, wind speed and direction instrument failures are more common in new automatic weather station observation instruments. Whether it is the sensor itself failure or the overall failure caused by abnormal line connection, it will affect the accuracy of the automatic weather station

especially when After rain and snow, the bearings of the mechanical wind speed and direction sensor are prone to icing at first, making it unable to rotate normally. This will make the wind speed zero and there will be no change in the wind direction, resulting in the inability to record changes in external wind speed and direction, which seriously affects meteorological observations. So next, this article will talk about the maintenance precautions, related solutions and rain and snow prevention of the wind speed and direction sensor in winter.

Wind speed and direction sensor icing prevention and maintenance

After the wind speed and direction sensor has gone through rain and snow, relevant technicians should promptly deal with the accumulation of water at the equipment bearing to prevent icing. Of course, in most cases, it is difficult for the staff to solve the problem, which requires us to manually de-icing.

Wind speed and direction sensor icing prevention

In order to prevent the wind speed and direction sensor from freezing after precipitation, the bearing of the wind cup and the wind vane and the connection between the wind direction and wind speed sensor and the wind rod can be wrapped with thermal insulation cotton. To avoid freezing, you can also apply antifreeze oil or antifreeze to prevent the sensor from freezing.

In addition, a wind cross arm heater can be added. The wind cross arm heater keeps the temperature within a certain range through the heater and plays a role of heat preservation so that the wind direction and speed sensor will not be frozen and can operate normally.

However, the wind cross arm heater is easy to damage and the price is high, and there are problems such as connecting the transformer to the 220 V power supply, so this method is only recommended for use in areas where the power supply is easy to connect.

Maintenance of the wind speed and direction sensor after freezing

When the wind sensor is found to be frozen, in order not to affect the hourly reporting, a light wind direction anemometer can be used. According to the unfolding direction of the cooking smoke or cloth strips, it is estimated in 8 directions to determine the wind force according to the Beaufort wind scale to ensure the integrity of the observation record.

At the same time, after reporting to the superior, take down the wind speed and direction sensor in time to check whether the bearing is frozen, and then heat and melt the ice.

In addition, to prevent water ingress caused by disassembly and melting of ice, the gap of the wind speed and direction sensor should be waterproofed, and then the wind speed and direction sensor should be reinstalled to ensure that the wind speed data returns to normal.

Other solutions

The mechanical wind speed and direction sensor has rotating parts. It needs to be started at a low wind speed before monitoring. If the wind speed is lower than the starting value, the propeller or wind cup cannot be driven to rotate, and the monitoring cannot be performed. There are moving parts, which are prone to wear and tear. In addition, it is easy to freeze under the severe winter weather mentioned above. The weather station in the north can be equipped with an ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor.

Ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensor

Compared with the traditional mechanical wind speed and direction transmitter, the ultrasonic wind speed and direction transmitter has the following four advantages:

1. No inertial measurement, no start Wind speed limit Zero wind speed work, 360° omni-directional no angle limit, can obtain wind speed and wind direction values u200bu200bat the same time;

2. Adopting integrated structure design, no moving parts as a whole, shell made of engineering plastic material, low wear and service life Long;

3. Using random error identification technology, it can ensure low dispersion error of measurement even under strong wind, making the output more stable;

4, the equipment does not need on-site calibration and maintenance.

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