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Application of automatic rainfall weather station during three summers

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-14
Application of automatic rainfall weather station during three summers
From mid-May to late June, my country enters the busy season of three summers, and the three summers are in the flood season and strong convective weather. There is a lot of rain or thunderstorms in North China and Northeast China. It is in the busy summer season in North China and other places. Need to pay attention to prevent the adverse effects of heavy rainfall and strong convective weather to ensure the safety of field workers.

Sanxia refers to summer harvest, summer planting, and summer tube. Summer harvesting and summer planting generally start in mid-May and end in late June. After the summer harvest, Huanghuaihai and other places will prepare the land for sowing summer corn and summer soybeans, and plant rice in the south. Summer management is the field management of spring and summer crops.

Why use an automatic rainfall weather station

The automatic rainfall weather station can provide accurate and reliable weather data to help farmers understand weather changes in time. The three summer seasons are in the flood season and a period of high incidence of strong convective weather, and the disastrous weather is relatively concentrated. Continuous rainy weather will affect the mechanization of wheat harvesting, causing mature wheat and rapeseed to germinate and mold, affecting quality and yield; strong storms and rain can easily cause crop lodging, affecting yield, increasing the difficulty of mechanical harvesting, and affecting subsequent summer planting and summer tube timing.

Spring competes with the sun, summer competes with the time. In order to ensure that the farming season is not missed, it is necessary to understand and grasp the weather changes in time, and rush to harvest and rush to plant.

Automatic rainfall weather station

The self-developed automatic rainfall weather station is a special monitoring station for outdoor rainfall testing. The device can collect 1 channel of rainfall (total rainfall + instantaneous rainfall + daily rainfall + current rainfall), wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity and other environmental factors in one. It has a high protection level and can work normally even in rainy days.

The product adopts a high-strength 2.5-meter pole mounting frame, which is resistant to severe weather such as strong wind, rainfall, snowfall, etc.; modular installation, no configuration on site, normal operation after installation; use of city electricity and solar energy Dual power supply, mains power supply priority, automatic switch to solar power after mains power failure, built-in wide-temperature colloidal maintenance-free battery, battery life is more than 3 days, can be used in the field without mains power to ensure long-term operation of field collection.

Advantages of automatic rainfall weather station

1. The rain gauge is made of 304 stainless steel, with a rain-bearing caliber of 200mm, which meets the national standard GB/T 21978.2-2014 'Requirements for Precipitation Observation'.

2. The wind speed and wind direction sensor adopts high-performance imported bearings, with low rotation resistance.

3. The card is given by default and 1 year of data is free.

4. U-shaped pole design, the distance between the devices is precisely calculated to reduce the impact between the devices to zero

5. The collection elements can be independently matched according to the actual needs of the site, and the measurement is more accurate.

6. The automatic rainfall weather station adopts GPRS/4G mode to automatically upload data to the free environmental monitoring cloud platform and APP. Users can log in at any time to view the real-time data monitored by the weather station with their account and password.

7. Automatic Rainfall Weather Station The weather station is a special monitoring station for outdoor rainfall testing. It is mainly used in the field, forest fire prevention, mountain flood monitoring and other occasions where there is no mains power supply.

The busy season of three summers encountered the rainy season, and strong convective weather frequently prevented farmers from rushing to harvest. The automatic rainfall weather station was added to capture the changes in the weather in the field, and the temperature and humidity in the farmland environment, atmospheric pressure, Real-time monitoring of wind speed and wind direction, timely uploading of data changes to the environmental monitoring cloud platform for processing and analysis, providing real-time weather environmental data for summer harvest, helping farmers to rationally arrange farming activities based on meteorological data, grabbing farming time, and laying a foundation for food production in the second half of the year Base.

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