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Application of carbon monoxide sensor in smart public toilets

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-02
Application of carbon monoxide sensor in smart public toilets
The application of carbon monoxide sensor in smart public toilets

With the development of big data, new-generation information technology, and smart manufacturing, the construction of new smart cities in my country is in full swing. A smart city includes a lot of content. In terms of construction content, it can be divided into infrastructure construction, informatization applications, and smart construction of various industries; from the different targets, it can be divided into three types: smart government affairs, smart industries, and smart people’s livelihoods. Great content. Today, the content of smart cities has covered all aspects of our lives and work.

Walking on the streets of cities, the construction of smart cities can be seen everywhere: the display screen of the bus station displays the station and running time of the bus line in real time, which is convenient for citizens to travel; integrates lighting control, WIFI coverage, car charging piles, environmental monitoring, Smart light poles with integrated functions such as LED information release provide many conveniences for citizens; there are also smart public toilets with beautiful environments and complete functions to facilitate citizens to solve personal problems.

Public toilets equipped with a smart environmental monitoring system are smart public toilets. The smart public toilet environmental monitoring system includes various harmful gas sensors (including ammonia sensors, carbon monoxide sensors, hydrogen sulfide sensors), infrared detectors, environmental monitoring hosts, and network relays. And the environmental monitoring cloud platform can effectively monitor the temperature and humidity, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, carbon monoxide and other environmental elements in public toilets, and transmit the data to the environmental monitoring cloud platform in real time to show that when the harmful gas content in the public toilet exceeds the standard, The system can automatically link the fan to ventilate and deodorize, ensure the sanitation in the toilet and improve the environmental quality in the public toilet. There are also some smart toilets equipped with a life monitoring function. When someone is found to be unwell and staying overtime, the system will issue an alarm message to pay attention to the safety of the person who goes to the toilet in time.

The biogas in public toilets is mainly composed of methane, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and carbon monoxide. These four gases are all harmful gases. If they are excessive, they can cause harm to the human body. Take carbon monoxide as an example. After exposure to carbon monoxide, symptoms such as headache, dizziness, palpitations, nausea, etc. will occur. With the increase of carbon monoxide concentration, the symptoms will become more and more obvious, until coma and life-threatening, so the monitoring of carbon monoxide and other harmful gases Particularly important.

The carbon monoxide sensor in the smart public toilet environmental monitoring system adopts the imported first-line brand electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor, which has the characteristics of rapid response and strong anti-interference ability. It has been calibrated by our company's compensation algorithm and multi-stage standard gas. It also has the characteristics of long life, high precision, high repeatability and high stability. The equipment adopts wide-voltage 10-30V DC power supply, 485 signal output, standard Modbus-RTU communication protocol, ModBus address can be set, baud rate can be changed, and the communication distance is up to 2000 meters. It is widely used in underground parking lots, garages, workshops, closed living places and other occasions where the concentration of carbon monoxide needs to be detected.

The smart public toilet environment monitoring platform is a web login platform specially developed to provide users with the most convenient service. The cloud platform is deployed on the public network server, which can easily access all the network equipment of our company. Customers no longer need to set up servers by themselves, save server maintenance costs, and do not need to have public IP or domain name resolution services. After the equipment arrives on site, users can connect to the cloud platform without complicated network settings, which greatly saves on-site construction time. The company promises that the cloud platform is free to use, the interface is completely neutral, supports multi-level permission access, and supports customers to add sub-accounts. Customers can log in with their account anytime and anywhere to conveniently check their own device status, query data records, download and print data, etc., and can also choose SMS alarms, email alarms and other services according to their needs. The platform is stable and reliable, and the number of connected devices exceeds 10,000. .

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