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Application of cold chain incubator in cold chain transportation of medicine

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-26
Application of cold chain incubator in cold chain transportation of medicine
With the formal large-scale vaccination of vaccination, the field of medical cold chain logistics has achieved unprecedented development. Technologies such as mobile refrigeration, refrigerated container insulation and monitoring, medical cold chain packaging, and refrigerated containers have also been widely used. At the same time, in order to meet Social demand has also introduced the Internet of Things technology, through temperature sensor technology, GPRS technology, wireless communication technology, etc. to carry out real-time monitoring, transparent management and full traceability of the quality of refrigerated drugs and vaccines during transportation.

Why use cold chain incubators?

Due to the particularity of vaccine transportation, the cold chain transportation of vaccines requires very high requirements for transportation vehicles. At present, the price of small refrigerated trucks equipped with suitable performance on the market ranges from hundreds of thousands or even millions. Decentralized delivery in the delivery area has great limitations. It is unrealistic and uneconomical to achieve multi-directional, door-to-door delivery services through medical incubators.

The use of traditional incubators plus cold storage thermal insulation measures, coupled with express delivery, although it can achieve one-kilometer transportation and distribution at the end of the cold chain. However, due to the uneven quality of incubators in the market and their different thermal insulation properties, the cold chain transportation of medicines cannot be reliably guaranteed at temperature, and there are hidden dangers in the safety of refrigerated medicines.

How to solve the cold chain distribution problem?

The cold chain incubator is mainly composed of the cold chain transportation incubator and the built-in cold chain temperature and humidity recorder, which meets the above management specifications. The cold chain incubator with temperature and humidity recorder can record data in real time and upload the data to the cloud platform, which can be viewed by multiple parties on the computer and mobile phone. When arriving at the destination, the data during transportation can be printed out and sent to the receiver for viewing . If the signal is weak during transportation, the device will store the data on its own. When the communication signal returns to normal, the device will upload the stored data to the cloud platform without missing any set of data.

The cold chain incubator complies with the relevant management regulations of the Food and Drug Administration, and can guarantee the safety of refrigerated drugs in transportation: 'Pharmaceutical Business Quality Management Practices) Management Guidelines

The function and composition of the cold chain incubator

1. The cold chain incubator

The cold chain incubator adds GSM-GPRS (GPS available) to the traditional incubator. Optional) module. Through the GPRS network, directly transmit the temperature and humidity data in the refrigerator to the monitoring server. It is suitable for transportation of emergency medicines, blood, reagents, refrigerated medicines, etc. for disease control, chain pharmacies, hospitals, and pharmaceutical wholesale companies.

2, embedded incubator recorder

RS-YS-4G-LY embedded incubator recorder is based on the 'Medical Equipment Cold Chain ( The temperature recorder developed by 'Management Guide for Transportation and Storage' only needs a SIM card to upload the collected temperature and humidity data to the cloud server (cloud platform) through the network base station. The device has the function of directly connecting to a Bluetooth printer, which can directly print data, and can set the time interval for local storage during transportation. When the temperature exceeds the limit (settable), it can automatically switch to the overrun recording interval (settable).

Environmental Monitoring Cloud Platform
The environmental monitoring cloud platform is a remote monitoring cloud platform developed. It is the management center for monitoring the temperature and humidity monitoring system of drug storage. It supports multiple logins such as web pages, mobile apps, and official accounts. The way, the interface is completely neutral, supports multi-level access, and supports customers to add sub-accounts. Users can log in to the back office with their accounts anytime and anywhere to view the real-time data of the drug warehouse, query, download, and print historical data.
The cold chain incubator complies with Article 21 of the '2017 Version of the 'Code of Vaccine Storage and Transportation Management': The temperature and humidity records during vaccine storage and transportation can be in paper or readable electronic format. Humidity records are required to be kept for 2 years beyond the validity period of the vaccine for future reference.

Under the catalysis of vaccines, the development of the biomedical cryogenic storage industry is expected to accelerate. The vaccine cold chain transportation industry has a high threshold. However, it is not necessary for the general fresh cold chain enterprises to get involved in the vaccine cold chain in the short term. It is easy and requires a certificate to work, and relevant companies should prepare as soon as possible.

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