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Application of COS-04 Radio Temperature and Humidity Recorder in Medical Laboratory

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-01
Application of COS-04 Radio Temperature and Humidity Recorder in Medical Laboratory
The laboratory requires suitable temperature and humidity. The indoor microclimate, including temperature, humidity, and air velocity, has an impact on the personnel and equipment working in the laboratory. The suitable temperature in summer should be 18-28℃, in winter it is 16-20℃, and the humidity should preferably be between 30% (winter) and 70% (summer). Except for special laboratories, temperature and humidity have little effect on most physical and chemical experiments, but the balance room and precision instrument room should be controlled according to needs.

In the laboratory's monitoring project, different laboratories have requirements for temperature and humidity, and most of the experiments are carried out in a clear temperature and humidity environment. In the fields of medicine, biochemistry, instrument calibration, agriculture, construction and electrical appliances, laboratory environmental conditions directly affect the results of various experiments or tests. The conduct of each experiment requires accurate and reliable monitoring instruments to provide accurate environmental parameters. Data. Therefore, temperature and humidity recorders are particularly important in such laboratory environmental monitoring.

The COS-04 radio temperature and humidity recorder can be equipped with internal and external probes. Among them, the temperature and humidity sensor adopts the measuring unit imported from Switzerland. The built-in probe has a range of -20℃-60℃, and the external probe has a range of -40℃-80℃. It has the characteristics of accurate measurement and high precision; equipment power supply It is powered by DC5V or a built-in battery. The device can work continuously for 45 days after a full charge. The maximum number of cycles of charging and discharging the battery is 1,200.

The COS-04 radio temperature and humidity recorder is dedicated to the temperature environment monitoring of cold chain vehicles. It consists of a temperature and humidity transmitter, a built-in external probe and an LED display. It can be installed in the laboratory and can monitor the temperature and humidity online. At the same time, a host can manage multiple measurement points at the same time, and the measurement points can transmit the buffered data to the environmental monitoring host through wireless transmission, which can realize simultaneous monitoring of up to 32 areas, built-in 260,000 buffers, and automatically buffered when communication is disconnected , After the communication is restored, the transmission will be automatically resumed to ensure that the data is not continuously lost. The environmental monitoring host uploads the cached wireless measurement point data to the environmental monitoring platform or cloud platform through the 485 communication method, and then the measurement point data can be exported through the software.

The device has a breakpoint resumable transmission function. If it fails to communicate with the receiving host, the device will buffer the data. After successfully communicating with the environmental monitoring host again, the buffered data will be transmitted to the receiving host. If the communication between the receiving host and the device is normal, the data of the measuring points in the receiving host can be uploaded to the corresponding software through the software. If the receiving host is powered off or the device fails to communicate with the receiving host, the device will periodically buffer the data according to the set storage interval, and automatically transmit the buffered data to the receiving host when the communication with the receiving host succeeds again.

Ensure full laboratory monitoring, real-time perception of laboratory temperature and humidity changes, SMS, phone, email and other push, remind and early warning mechanisms, real-time monitoring 24 hours a day.

The COS-04 radio temperature and humidity recorder can not only be used in medical laboratories, but also can be used for cold chain medical warehouse verification, refrigerated vehicle verification, long-term online monitoring of cold chain warehouses, and online temperature and humidity monitoring of vehicle refrigerated vehicles. Online monitoring records of temperature and humidity in ordinary warehouses, etc.

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