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Application of gas detector in different environments

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-24
Application of gas detector in different environments
Recently, the frequent occurrence of hazardous gas incidents across the country has aroused widespread attention from all parties, especially the 12.4 major accident at the Yongchuan Coal Mine in Chongqing, which has once again brought 'hazardous gas detection' into people's field of vision. Our country has always imposed extremely strict requirements on hazardous gas detection in workplaces, but due to different levels of emphasis by enterprises and different economic conditions, a large number of environmental risks are still uncontrollable.

In order to ensure the personal safety of factory employees and to save costs, the company can equip employees with multifunctional gas detectors, which can be carried with them for personal gas detection or placed in gas-dangerous areas for area detection. Through the sound and light alarm that comes with the gas detector, it will automatically alarm to promptly remind and ensure the safety of employees.

The principle and classification of gas detectors

The gas detector is an instrument that can detect the composition and concentration of various gases in the environment. At present, there are many brands of gas detectors on the market, and the categories are complex. When choosing a gas detector, you should make more comparisons and choose the gas detector that suits you. Gas detectors are mainly divided into portable gas detectors and fixed gas detectors. The core technology of gas detectors is sensor technology. According to gas sensor detection Depending on the technology, the classification of gas detectors is also different.

In principle, gas sensors can be divided into four categories: (1) Electrical gas sensors, which use the electrical parameters of materials to change with the change of gas concentration, and are divided into: resistive and non-resistive Type, resistive gas sensors mainly include contact combustion type, thermal conductivity type, semiconductor gas sensor (also metal oxide semiconductor gas sensor and organic semiconductor gas sensor), etc., non-resistive gas sensor usually uses the current or voltage of the material Varies with gas content.

(2) Optical gas sensors, which use the optical characteristics of gas to detect gas composition and concentration, are divided into infrared absorption type, visible light absorption photometric type, optical interference type, chemiluminescence type and test paper photoelectric photometric type, Light ionization formula and so on.

(3) The electrochemical gas sensor uses electrochemical properties.

(4) Gas sensors of polymer gas-sensitive materials are made of polymer gas-sensitive materials, and are divided into: polymer resistance type, polymer dielectric type, concentration battery type, surface acoustic wave type, quartz Vibrator type and so on.

Commonly used gas detectors

Multifunctional gas detectors are a kind of gas detectors, which are widely used because they can detect multiple gases at the same time.

The multifunctional gas detector, as its name suggests, is an instrument used to detect the content of one or more gases in the environment. The detector uses natural diffusion to detect gases, and uses electrochemical and combustion gas sensors. It has excellent Sensitivity and excellent repeatability. The multifunctional gas detector can detect four gases: oxygen, combustible gas, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen sulfide, and can store up to 130,000 detection data. With software, historical data can be viewed at any time.

Whether it is a gas detector or a multi-function gas detector, when using it, we must pay attention to the use matters:

1, avoid being subjected to violent impact and squeezing when using;

2, charging It should be in a safe area, and it is strictly forbidden to charge in flammable and explosive hazardous areas;

3. It should be inspected and repaired by specialized personnel or institutions. During maintenance, the model, specifications, and parameters of the original circuit components must not be changed;

4. Please use the special charger provided by the manufacturer when charging;

5. Do not squeeze the display screen with your hands;

p>6. When the gas concentration is too high, it will adversely affect the electrochemical sensor of the instrument or damage the sensor;

7. When the battery power is too low, the buzzer will emit a 'di, di' sound prompt and automatically Turn off, please charge before use.

The gas detector has excellent sensitivity and excellent repeatability. It can be used in petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, metallurgy, refining, gas transmission and distribution, biochemical medicine, agriculture and other industries. Real-time detection of gases or environments containing toxic gases such as carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide and oxygen. In a dangerous environment, safety is no small matter, and you need to take precautions before it happens. We must work hard at 120% to ensure that no harmful gas leaks at the site and achieve safe production.

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