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Application of gas transmitters in smart city sewers

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-22
Application of gas transmitters in smart city sewers
Inadvertently, the future has come. Smart cities are going deep into every corner of the city in a way of 'diving into the night with the wind, moisturizing things silentlyThe concept of smart city has become popular since more than ten years ago. In 2008, Palmersson, then chairman, president and chief executive officer of IBM, put forward the concept of 'smart earth'. With the introduction of the concept of 'Smart EarthAfter more than ten years of development, the construction and development of smart cities has entered the deep water area. Riding on the east wind of 'new infrastructure

In recent years, smart applications have been integrated into all aspects of life. In the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, technologies such as AI, 5G, cloud computing, big data, blockchain, and smart terminals have 'showed their skillsIn some places that we can't see, there are also many smart terminals that 'escort' our lives, such as gas transmitters that monitor toxic and harmful gases in urban sewers.

The sewer is a kind of urban public facility, which refers to the pipeline for the discharge of sewage and rainwater from the building; it also refers to the underground passage for the drainage of sewage and rainwater in the city, factory or village. The urban sewer system is not only used to collect and discharge domestic wastewater generated in the city and industrial wastewater generated in industrial production, but also the removal and conversion efficiency of organic matter in the sewage treatment process also depends on the design and management of the entire sewer drainage system. The gas is not only one kind of gas, but is mixed with various gases, such as hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, biogas, methane, ethane, carbon dioxide and other gases. These gases are very harmful to the human body.

If the sewage pipe is blocked in the urban sewer, the dirty water will overflow, which will affect the appearance and environment of the entire city. At present, there is no universal method to clean the sewers, and most of them are manually dredged after being blocked. However, the sewer contains a large amount of harmful gas, which is very harmful to the construction personnel and can easily cause suffocation or even death. In order to ensure the safety of construction personnel, it is necessary to monitor and manage the gas in the sewer.

GPRS gas transmitter can be used to monitor the gas in the sewer. It uses imported first-line electrochemical gas sensors to monitor ammonia, hydrogen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, methane, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, and oxygen. , Formaldehyde, phosphine and other gases, have the characteristics of rapid response, strong anti-interference ability, and unique compensation algorithm, multi-stage standard gas calibration, and also have long life, high precision, high repeatability and high stability. Features.

The gas transmitter can upload the collected gas data to the supporting monitoring platform through GPRS, and solve the difficulty of self-built network on site with the help of the signal coverage of China Mobile or China Unicom. The gas transmitter distributes the flow card, and the data can be transmitted to the free platform provided by our company through the network of China Mobile and China Unicom (can be customized and sent to the local platform). The equipment is easy to install, the GPRS communication flow is extremely small, and the monthly flow is less than 30M.

Equipment features:

■It adopts imported first-line electrochemical sensors, which are stable and durable.

■Multi-range selection, support customized range.

■High measurement accuracy and good repeatability.

■Wireless transmission, using GRPS transmission mode, no field wiring, no distance limitation.

■Provide a free monitoring platform.

In addition to underground pipelines, gas transmitters are also used in sites where it is inconvenient to set up a network, underground parking lots, garages, workshops, closed living places, and other occasions that need to detect special gas concentrations.

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