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Application of Illuminance Transmitter in Vegetable Greenhouse

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-02
Application of Illuminance Transmitter in Vegetable Greenhouse
In vegetable greenhouses, the control of light is particularly important. The growth of vegetables is inseparable from photosynthesis, and light plays a vital role in the growth of vegetables. But for vegetable greenhouses, the sunlight in the greenhouse is affected by many factors. Taking into account the reasons for this, greenhouse managers must understand the amount of light in the greenhouse and be able to manage and control it in time. However, it is difficult to monitor the light in a conventional way. Therefore, today we are going to talk about the instrument that monitors the light in the greenhouse-the illuminance transmitter.

In modern vegetable greenhouses, due to the airtightness of the greenhouse itself, the light needs to be adjusted according to the growth of plants. The method is to monitor the ambient illuminance in real time by installing an illuminance transmitter, and after obtaining the data, use shading cloths or supplementary lights and other equipment to set up sunlight conditions suitable for vegetable growth, accelerate plant growth, and increase agricultural production. How does the illuminance transmitter monitor the ambient illuminance? The following article will explain the working principle, measurement range, usage method, and data transmission method.

The working principle of the illuminance transmitter

The illuminance transmitter adopts the hot spot effect principle, mainly using detection components that have a high response to low light. These sensing elements are actually like the photosensitive matrix of the camera Similarly, there is a wire-wound electroplating multi-contact thermopile inside, and the surface is coated with a high-absorption black coating. The hot junction is on the sensing surface, and the cold junction is located in the body, and the hot and cold junctions generate a thermoelectric potential. In the linear range, the output signal is proportional to solar irradiance. The visible light through the filter illuminates the imported photodiode, and the photodiode is converted into an electrical signal according to the visible illuminance, and then the electrical signal enters the processor system of the transmitter to output the binary signal that needs to be obtained.

Of course, there are many categories of illuminance transmitters, and some categories even optimize the structure introduced above, especially in order to reduce the influence of temperature. The illuminance transmitter also applies a temperature compensation circuit, which is very The sensitivity and detection ability of the illuminance transmitter are greatly improved.

Measurement range of illuminance transmitter

There are two measurement ranges for illuminance transmitter, 0~65535 Lux photosensitive ball and 0~200,000 Lux photosensitive ball. The two photosensitive ball devices are the same, but the difference is the measurement range of the illuminance. The reason for this division is that the difference between indoor illuminance and outdoor illuminance is too large. In order to achieve more accurate measurement data in different environments, the illuminance transmitter can be divided into two types. Vegetable greenhouse managers can choose models according to the actual needs of the crops in the greenhouse.

How to use the illuminance transmitter

The illuminance transmitter should be installed in an open area and there are no obstacles above the sensing surface. Adjust the transmitter to a good horizontal position, and then fix it firmly. Since the protection level of the equipment itself is IP68, it does not need special dust and water protection (IP68 corresponds to the enclosure protection level, 6 can prevent foreign objects and dust, 8 can prevent water intrusion when sinking).

Installation method of illuminance transmitter: This illuminance transmitter adopts wall-mounted installation. First drill a hole in the wall, then put the expansion plug into the hole, and screw the self-tapping screw into the expansion plug.

The way of illuminance transmitter uploading data

The illuminance transmitter is a field network communication, multiple illuminance transmitters through the 485 bus, use USB to 485 port, access to environmental monitoring The cloud platform can realize the centralized monitoring of the environmental monitoring equipment connected by wire. Real-time data display, over-limit alarm, historical data query, and data export can be realized on the computer side.

In addition to the PC terminal that can query data, the illuminance transmitter can be connected to the environmental host or network concentrator, and the data can be transmitted to the free environmental monitoring platform for mobile phone and computer terminals to view at any time.

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