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Application of Insect Situation Monitoring System under Global Warming Environment

by:Rika Sensors     2021-12-15
Application of Insect Situation Monitoring System under Global Warming Environment
As global warming intensifies, farmers will face more droughts, floods and unbearable high temperatures. These disasters will affect the growth of crops to varying degrees. But, did you know? The disasters above may not be worth mentioning compared to bugs. According to a new study by relevant departments, global warming will produce more greedy grasshoppers, caterpillars and other pests that devour crops, which will have catastrophic consequences for the world's food supply.

At present, rising global temperature has led to the expansion of agricultural diseases, insects and weeds, and the prolonged damage time. The damage to crops has increased. Management and control are of urgency. It is necessary for us to establish a complete pest monitoring system to control pest damage.

The insect situation monitoring and early warning system can establish a complete insect situation forecasting and early warning system by collecting, transmitting, collecting and processing the insect situation information of each collection point, which greatly improves the scientific and scientific nature of the forecasting of various crops. Accuracy and timeliness play a positive role in the catastrophe, prevention and control of agricultural crop pests.

The working principle of the pest monitoring system:

Trap the pests by the principle of black light trapping, and then use far infrared to treat the pests (the lethality rate of the pests is not less than 98%, and the integrity rate of the pests is not less than 95 %), kill the pests, and then enter the drying bin for secondary treatment to more effectively complete the insect body preservation work. The insects enter the dispersing and tiling mechanism, and the insects are evenly scattered and spread on the conveyor belt through vibration. The conveyor belt accurately transports the insects to the photographing area, ensuring that each insect feature can be clearly photographed, laying a good foundation for AI recognition ; The high-definition camera automatically completes the photographing and imaging, and uses the 4G network to upload to the insect situation monitoring platform for AI identification and statistical analysis.

The composition and application of the insect situation monitoring system:

The insect situation monitoring system is an image-based insect situation forecasting tool. The insect situation monitoring system uses 304 stainless steel, and uses modern light, electricity, and numerical control integrated counting to realize the automatic far-infrared processing of the insect body, the conveyor belt to cooperate with the transportation, and the automatic operation of the whole lamp.

The system consists of a pest trapping system, a processing system (infrared insecticide, pest drying, tiled transmission), a photographing system, a transmission system, and an agricultural insect situation forecasting system.

Insect situation monitoring and monitoring can automatically complete operations such as trapping, killing insects, dispersing insects, photographing, transmitting, collecting, and draining insects, and uploading the pest categories and counts to agriculture in real time. Insect situation forecasting platform, and displayed on the web side, according to the identification results, analysis and prediction of the occurrence and development of insect pests.

This product can be widely used in fields such as farmland, forestry, animal husbandry, vegetable garden, tobacco planting area, tea garden, medicinal material planting area, garden, fruit garden, urban green area and so on.

Features of the pest monitoring system:

1. The equipment has automatic light control technology: automatically turn on the lights at night and automatically turn off the lights during the day (standby).

2. The equipment adopts the insect rain bin structure (rain and insect separation device), which can automatically drain the rainwater and effectively separate the rainwater and the insect body.

3. The appearance of the equipment adopts rainproof louver design, which can work normally even in light rain.

4. Pest identification and filtering technology: A filter is set around the capture port to prevent fallen leaves and debris from entering the inside of the machine and affecting the identification of the pest

5. Far-infrared processing of the pest: built-in infrared insecticidal lamp, The fatality rate is over 98%. The insect body is dried twice to ensure the completeness of the insect body is more than 95%.

6. The device has a built-in high-definition camera, supports two working modes of automatic photography and remote manual photography, and 4G/Ethernet remote upload.

7, AI recognition autonomous learning, artificial intelligence insect body recognition, green prevention and control.

8, GPS positioning, device location information is clear at a glance.

9. Automatic imaging of insect situation, and the platform automatically generates insect situation identification report.

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