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Application of Intelligent Temperature and Humidity Recorder in Fresh Cold Chain Logistics

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-25
Application of Intelligent Temperature and Humidity Recorder in Fresh Cold Chain Logistics
The cold chain transportation of fresh food has existed since ancient times, and 'Faith Laugh' has set a precedent for fresh food transportation. According to the 'New Tang Book · Biography of the Concubine Yang Guifei': 'The concubine is addicted to lychee, so she must be born to it. It is transferred and transmitted for thousands of miles. The taste has not changed, and she has reached the capital.' Tang Xuanzong Li Longji smiled for Bo Hongyan. , It can be said to be painstaking.

Nowadays, it’s nothing to eat fresh lychees. Now people want to eat Norwegian salmon, Thai black tiger prawns, and New Zealand fish. Here, boxes of goods are at your disposal. This benefits from the fresh cold chain logistics system. Cold chain transportation shortens the distance between the table and the place of production.

When fresh products are transported, refrigerated trucks or transportation vehicles with refrigeration equipment are generally selected for transportation to ensure the freshness of fresh products. The general fresh-keeping methods of fruits and vegetables also need to be packaged with packaging tools such as cartons and plastic wrap to reduce the loss of fresh freshness.

In the transportation of fresh food, there are two main issues that need to be paid attention to:

(1) The stacking method of the transported goods. Because of the irregularity of the shape and physique of vegetables and fruits, as well as their own attribute factors, it is necessary to consider the air flow and the squeezing of goods when stacking such fresh products. This type of problem is also An important factor affecting the activity of fresh fresh products and the loss of fresh products.

(2) Temperature monitoring of transportation vehicles. The temperature difference of the vehicle during transportation will affect the fresh activity of fresh products, resulting in damage to the goods. Therefore, during transportation, controlling the temperature and humidity of cold storage in the vehicle is an important means to reduce the loss rate of fresh products.

When long-distance transportation or sea transportation of frozen and refrigerated food, how to prove that the goods have been in the specified temperature and humidity conditions when receiving is a very important matter. Current cold chain transportation vehicles usually use intelligent temperature and humidity recorders to monitor the temperature and humidity in the vehicle, and provide transportation data on the road when the goods are delivered.

The intelligent temperature and humidity recorder COS-04 comes with a high-precision temperature and humidity sensor, which can measure temperature and humidity, and has its own storage function, which can record 80,000 temperature and humidity data, and the high-profile version can record 260,000 temperature and humidity data. The equipment is equipped with an LCD screen, which can display temperature and humidity data in real time. It uses a large-capacity rechargeable lithium battery, which can be used for one year on a single charge, which is convenient for transportation personnel.

The intelligent temperature and humidity recorder has a compact appearance, convenient and flexible, and can be installed on the refrigerator or on the shelf at will, and it is not easy to fall.

The intelligent temperature and humidity recorder has a built-in buzzer and has an alarm function that exceeds the limit. Set the upper and lower limits of the temperature and humidity of the transported goods in advance. Once the limit is exceeded or below this limit, the device will alarm. Remind the transportation personnel to adjust the temperature and humidity in time. The recording frequency can be changed automatically when the equipment is alarmed to ensure that the recorded data truly reflects environmental changes. You can also set the function of timing to start recording and timing to stop recording, so that when multiple recorders are used, you can ensure that the equipment starts recording at the same time and stops at the same time.

After arriving at the destination, the intelligent temperature and humidity recorder can be connected to the computer through a USB cable, and the data stored in the device can be exported to the computer in EXCEL/TXT/PDF formats for the receiver to view The data in the transportation process is convenient for subsequent report making and data analysis.

In order to facilitate the use of various scenarios, the intelligent temperature and humidity recorder is divided into built-in probe type and extension probe type. The built-in probe type is suitable for use in ordinary environments, and the extension probe type is suitable for use in high humidity occasions. , The probe cable can be extended to 30m.

The intelligent temperature and humidity recorder is not only used in the cold chain logistics of fresh food, but also can be used to monitor and record the temperature and humidity data of other food, medicine, chemical products and other products during storage and transportation. It is applied to various links in the cold chain of warehousing and logistics, such as refrigerated containers, refrigerated trucks, refrigerated packages, cold storage, laboratories, etc.

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