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Application of Intelligent Temperature and Humidity Sensor in Agricultural Greenhouse

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-19
Application of Intelligent Temperature and Humidity Sensor in Agricultural Greenhouse
The 'Vernal Equinox' of the twenty-four solar terms is of great significance as the fourth solar term of the year. After the vernal equinox, most areas of our country have entered a bright spring. At this time, the climate has become mild, the rain is abundant, and the sun is shining. Most of the overwintering plants have entered the spring growth stage.

The plan for the year is spring, and the management of greenhouse vegetables in spring is particularly important. We know that temperature and humidity are important indicators for measuring greenhouses. Most of the obstacles to diseases in greenhouses are caused by temperature and humidity out of control. For the healthy growth of various vegetables in the greenhouses, it is necessary to strengthen the temperature and humidity regulation in the greenhouses.

The temperature and humidity sensor is an electronic instrument that detects and transmits the temperature and humidity in the shed. It is also a type of sensor with a wide range of applications in smart agriculture at present. In agricultural greenhouses, there are two types of air temperature and humidity sensors and soil temperature and humidity sensors. Among them, the air temperature and humidity sensor is used to detect the temperature and humidity of the air in the agricultural environment, and is usually installed in the shading place where the air circulates in the greenhouse. The soil temperature and humidity sensor is installed in the root soil of the crop. The depth of the sensor is determined according to the different root depths of the crop during installation. It is used to detect the soil temperature, moisture content and changes during the growth and development of the crop, which is convenient for timely and suitable watering. Here is a detailed introduction to the two temperature and humidity sensors.

Air temperature and humidity sensor

The use of temperature and humidity sensors in the greenhouse can promote the growth of plants, and the use of temperature and humidity sensors for measurement and control can effectively prevent major droughts and floods. And we can also know the temperature and humidity environment required by crops.

When the temperature and humidity data exceeds the standard, the temperature and humidity sensor sends a signal to connect the heating/dehumidification equipment in parallel to effectively control the humidity and temperature in the shed, so that the crop can grow normally.

Aiming at how to accurately grasp the air temperature and humidity change data in the greenhouse, the GPRS-c3 temperature and humidity sensor is adopted. The product adopts a large-screen LCD display. Humidity calibration, GPRS/4G data transmission and other functions, internal integrated alarm function module (buzzer), can realize alarms when ultra-high, low temperature, high and low humidity. The device sensor has the characteristics of high measurement accuracy and strong anti-interference ability, and can be used normally in harsh environments, ensuring the excellent measurement performance of the product. The device has low power consumption, longer battery life, and GPRS-type time can be as long as 60 days (4G version can reach 40 days). Realize the temperature and humidity change data in the shed anytime and anywhere to ensure a good environment for the growth of crops.

Soil temperature and humidity sensor

According to the temperature and humidity in the soil, it determines whether crops lack water. If crops are found to lack water, then intelligent irrigation should be carried out in time to meet crops’ water demand. When the temperature and humidity sensor senses that there is sufficient water in the soil, it will give the irrigation system a signal to stop water supply, thereby realizing the automation of the irrigation system. It meets the needs of crops without wasting water resources.

For the collection of soil temperature and humidity, the implementation of the promotion of water-saving irrigation guidelines. Launched the soil temperature and humidity sensor, which is suitable for the measurement of soil temperature and moisture. It is calibrated with the high-precision sensor and the actual soil drying weighing method. It has high accuracy, fast response and stable output. It is less affected by the salt content of the soil and is suitable for various soil qualities. Can be buried in the soil for a long time, resistant to long-term electrolysis, corrosion resistance, vacuum potting, and completely waterproof.

The sensor is widely used in scientific experiments, water-saving irrigation, greenhouses, flowers and vegetables, grassland pastures, soil rapid measurement, plant cultivation, sewage treatment, grain storage, and various particulate matter water content and temperature Measurement.

In recent years, as everyone pays more attention to the agricultural environment, a dazzling array of temperature and humidity sensors have also emerged. In the past, temperature detection equipment was just a simple barometer. With the development of Internet of Things technology, temperature and humidity monitoring equipment has developed into linkage with intelligent air conditioners, dehumidifiers and other equipment in addition to linkage with humidifiers, achieving intelligent control, which is greatly convenient To people’s lives.

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