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Application of Multifunctional Air Quality Transmitter in School

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-16
Application of Multifunctional Air Quality Transmitter in School
The school may be built in a relatively remote place or in a bustling city center. No matter where it is, the school will face an important problem-air quality.

The school is a gathering place for large-scale crowds, and most of the crowds are students who are growing up. The air environment problem of the school is being paid attention to by more and more people. It is inevitable that there will be factories and other constructions around schools that will cause air pollution, and even in schools with better atmospheric conditions, there will be a small amount of 'pollution'. There are already many students in the classroom. Everyone exhales carbon dioxide. Everyone walks back and forth. Once the air becomes unstable, people will face the problem of lack of oxygen and dust. Therefore, timely monitoring of these pollution is very important. This multi-functional air quality transmitter integrates multiple measurement elements, which can monitor environmental data, effectively help campus air pollution early warning and disposal, and help create a healthy campus environment.

The school is full of flowers cultivated by the motherland, so you have to protect it!

So which areas of the school need to be monitored?

Indoor areas: classrooms, libraries, offices, dormitories, etc.

These are places where students are concentrated and stay for a long time. It is necessary to conduct air quality monitoring.

Multifunctional air quality transmitter (RS-MG111-N01-1) is a self-developed air environment comprehensive index monitoring device, which can measure up to 11 detection parameters at the same time, including monitoring PM2 in the air environment. 5. Parameters such as PM10, temperature, humidity, air pressure, light, TVOC, O2, etc., are powerful and basically cover various indicators that reflect air quality. And the transmitter adopts foreign imported sensors and computing chips, which have the characteristics of high precision, high resolution and good stability. It is suitable for building HVAC, building energy saving, smart home, schools, hospitals, airport stations and other places.

1. The characteristics of the air quality transmitter

① It integrates a variety of measurement elements, and can integrate up to 11 measurement elements at the same time. l

②It can measure temperature, humidity, PM2.5, PM10, atmospheric pressure, light, TVOC, CO2, formaldehyde, O3, CO, CH4, O2, SO2, NO2, H2, H2S, NH3 and other elements .

③ It adopts a circular arc shell, and can be ceiling-mounted or wall-mounted with the base provided by us.

④Use dedicated 485 circuit, stable communication, 10~30V wide voltage range power supply.

2. Air quality transmitter installation methods

There are ceiling-mounted and wall-mounted installation methods. When detecting and using indoors, you can choose to mount the multifunctional air quality sensor on the wall or on the roof.

3. Data upload method

The data can be uploaded to the RS-RJ-K local monitoring software through the RS485 line, or connected to the environmental monitoring host RS-XZJ-100-Y-GPRS/4G , Upload the data to the environmental monitoring cloud platform through GPRS/4G communication.

4. Environmental monitoring cloud platform

Users can log in to the cloud platform through computers, mobile apps and official accounts, and view the real-time data uploaded by the environmental monitoring host on the front-end interface, or view it in time periods Historical data, download historical data. The cloud platform system can be managed remotely. Users only need to log in to the cloud platform and add manager information to modify and set the upper and lower limits of each factor; once the value exceeds the limit, the system will notify the users added on the cloud platform through SMS manager.

The school should be a clean, tidy, beautiful and comfortable scholarly courtyard. We are committed to creating such an environment, and we also need the application of multifunctional air quality transmitters.

In the office, various are considered essential since they are used to achieve particular tasks in the office. Among these , sensor solution, OEM sensor, and environmental monitoring systems are widely used.
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