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Application of Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor in Industrial Environment

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-18
Application of Nitrogen Dioxide Sensor in Industrial Environment
With the frequent occurrence of industrial gas leakage incidents, the idea of u200bu200bensuring industrial production safety and people-oriented thinking has also been deepened, and workers' health and safety issues have gradually aroused people's attention.

In recent years, the monitoring of toxic gases in the production process of the chemical industry has attracted more and more attention from factories. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is an important industrial gas. It can be used in industrial water treatment as a sterilization and disinfectant, as well as in the bleaching of pulp and fiber, the refining of flour, oil and sugar, and the dehairing of leather. At the same time, nitrogen dioxide is one of the toxic gases, its color is reddish-brown, paramagnetic, has a pungent odor, and is easily soluble in water. Low concentration (4ppm) of nitrogen dioxide can paralyze the nose and may lead to excessive absorption. Long-term exposure to an environment with a NO2 concentration of 40 to 100 mg/m3 can seriously affect health. Therefore, in order to prevent the nitrogen dioxide gas from harming the health of workers and affecting production safety, real-time monitoring of the nitrogen dioxide gas in the factory is necessary.

The instruments used for NO2 monitoring mainly include analytical instruments based on optical methods such as Sazman method and chemiluminescence method. Although these instruments can give accurate analysis data, they are mostly large-scale analytical instruments, which have high operating costs and require routine maintenance, and are not suitable for indoor monitoring such as factories. Nowadays, the more common method is to use gas sensor to monitor. The nitrogen dioxide sensor has the characteristics of small size and low cost to monitor the concentration of nitrogen dioxide in the environment simply and quickly. The core element of nitrogen dioxide uses indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO). ) The supported semiconductor thin film transistors successfully realized the automation and miniaturization of monitoring instruments.

The core sensor element of NO2 gas is indium gallium zinc oxide semiconductor thin film transistor. The surface of the film of this material is rich in electrons, and NO2 molecules are easily adsorbed on the surface of the film. The more molecules adsorbed, the more electrons are consumed on the surface of the film, which changes its electrical signal output and triggers NO2 monitoring alarms.

After the monitoring task is completed, the adsorbed NO2 molecules are released by using the light emitted by the integrated LED lamp, and the IGZO electronic layer can be restored, so that the sensor can be activated again. Experiments have verified that the detection limit of this new sensor for NO2 can be as low as 100ppb (parts per billion).

In addition, the advantage of the nitrogen dioxide gas sensor is that it integrates the sensing elements and signal processing components required by the gas detector into a micro system, and the output signal changes with the change of NO2 concentration to form An independent and complete sensor device.

The detection of NO2 is realized at room temperature, and the sensing function of the device is restored through visible light activation, which makes it possible to deploy NO2 gas sensors on a large scale in cities or in automobiles, which is a cheap, efficient, and highly sensitive gas The detection system paved the way. We believe that the application of this inexpensive harmful gas sensor plays a positive role in the control of air quality.

To ensure the production safety of the factory, in addition to the use of sensor equipment for reasonable monitoring, the main preventive measures are to strengthen airtightness, ventilation, strict safety operation regulations, strengthen publicity and education, popularize first aid and prevention knowledge, and do pre-job and regular physical examinations Health monitoring work. If during the production process, equipment maintenance and inspection and monitoring can be carried out regularly, it may be possible to find out early and control the danger to a minimum.

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