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Application of oxygen sensor in power distribution room

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-09
Application of oxygen sensor in power distribution room
Electricity resources are very important energy sources in today's era. Electricity plays a very important role in maintaining people's normal lives and ensuring the effective development of production. It can be said that today's society is completely inseparable from power resources, let alone electrical systems. Without electrical systems, this society will not function properly. It can be seen that it is very important for the transmission of power resources and the monitoring and protection of the environment of the power distribution room.

How to ensure the safe transmission of power resources and to ensure the environmental safety of the power distribution room, in addition to fully and accurately understanding the operating status of the power supply and distribution electrical system, it is also necessary to provide necessary monitoring and protection through a complete monitoring system , To ensure the change and safety of its environment.

What testing equipment does the power distribution room need?

When electrician operators enter or work in the power distribution room, they need to know whether the concentration of indoor oxygen and sulfur hexafluoride gas is normal and whether it can enter, so oxygen sensors and sulfur hexafluoride gas sensors should be installed in the power distribution room. To detect its concentration in real time; power facilities, especially power distribution rooms, changes in temperature and humidity are particularly important to the safety of the power distribution room, so it is necessary to install temperature and humidity sensors to monitor the environment in real time.

To sum up, we need to install sensor equipment to monitor the distribution environment temperature and humidity, sulfur hexafluoride, oxygen and other environmental factors, so as to form a stable distribution room environment monitoring system to ensure transmission safety .

Oxygen sensor

The power distribution room environmental monitoring system is a complete and comprehensive environmental monitoring system. It is difficult to outline clearly with only one article. Therefore, this article will take the oxygen sensor as the starting point, starting from the power distribution From the perspective of room oxygen monitoring, analyze the environmental monitoring of the power distribution room.

The oxygen transmitter designed and launched adopts imported first-line brand electrochemical oxygen sensor, which has the characteristics of rapid response and strong anti-interference ability. It has passed our unique compensation algorithm and multi-stage standard gas. Calibration also has the characteristics of long life, high precision, high repeatability and high stability. Able to monitor the environment of the power distribution room in real time.

Which platforms can the oxygen sensor be connected to?

Environmental monitoring platform for power distribution room

For the convenience of users, our company provides web login platform (environmental monitoring cloud platform), local software monitoring platform (RS-RJ-K) and mobile monitoring platform (cloud control Through APP), users can choose the appropriate platform to upload and view data according to the situation.

RS-RJ-K monitoring platform

RS-RJ-K monitoring platform is a local environment monitoring platform launched by our company, which can be connected to all our RS485 equipment, all Types of network transmitters, concentrators, and host computers can realize data viewing, recording, storage, voice alarm, SMS alarm, email alarm and other functions.

This software platform supports computers, mobile phones, tablets and other terminals to view temperature and humidity data through web pages, and download Excel spreadsheet data for printing. It is a local environment monitoring software platform widely used in the monitoring industry.

Related linkage of oxygen sensors and other equipment

In the power distribution room environmental monitoring system, the gas monitoring module can work in linkage with the fan and fire damper. Ensure that the oxygen concentration in the electrical room is adjusted to not less than 18%, the ozone concentration is adjusted to less than 0.2ppm, and the sulfur hexafluoride is adjusted to less than 1000ul/L. And upload the monitored gas data to the background server in real time.

When any gas concentration exceeds the above range, the wind machine will start to ventilate the electrical room, and the ventilation volume of the fan will be 200m3/h, and it will be displayed in the smart background.

Monitor the normal operation of the high-voltage switchgear to ensure the safe operation of equipment, and alarm when the gas exceeds the normal range to ensure the safety of operation and maintenance personnel.

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