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Application of ozone sensor in modern agriculture

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-15
Application of ozone sensor in modern agriculture
In China, pests and diseases are important factors affecting the high yield of crops. The use of pesticides is indispensable to eradicate pests and diseases. However, due to the large number, large area, irregular use and long-term abuse of pesticides, it has caused serious pollution to the earth's environment, resulting in a great increase in harmful substances in the environment, and harming ecology and humans.

According to modern research findings, ozone gas can replace pesticides, prevent and control pests, and sterilize without residue. As we all know, ozone is an allotrope of oxygen, a special odor, colorless, and unstable gas. With strong oxidizing and bactericidal properties, it is one of the strongest oxidants in nature and can quickly kill a variety of pathogenic microorganisms. Because of this, ozone has large-scale applications in many fields and is called 'green disinfectant'.

Ozone air can not only effectively control the disease hazards caused by bacteria and fungi, but also replace high-polluting and high-residue pesticides, and it also has a significant effect on increasing production. The mechanism of increasing production is that ozone can be quickly decomposed into oxygen for absorption by crop roots, reducing anaerobic respiration pathogenic microorganisms in the soil, and promoting the transfer of photosynthetic products of plants and the absorption and utilization of water and fertilizer by roots.

Although ozone gas can prevent and control crop diseases and insect pests, different crops have different tolerance to ozone. Therefore, when using ozone gas for sterilization and disinfestation, it is necessary to check the range of ozone concentration that the crop can withstand. If the ozone concentration is too high, it is easy to burn the leaves of crops, and in severe cases, it can lead to crop yield reduction and death; too low ozone concentration will not have a good control effect on insects.

In order to better monitor the concentration of ozone gas in it, an ozone sensor is introduced. The sensor uses electrochemical technology to measure the O3 concentration. By measuring the current generated when the target gas enters the sensor and a chemical reaction occurs at the sensing electrode, the purpose of detecting its concentration is achieved. The reaction is quick and sensitive, and the ozone concentration can be reliably detected. The equipment uses high-sensitivity gas detection probes imported from the United States, and uses a high-performance signal acquisition circuit, which can measure the ppm ozone concentration, with stable signals and high accuracy. The equipment adopts 485 communication, standard ModBus-RTU communication protocol, communication address and baud rate can be set, and the farthest communication distance is 2000 meters. The device uses 10-30V wide-voltage power supply, and the shell adopts wall-mounted high-density material waterproof shell, which is easy to install and has a high degree of protection. It can adapt to various harsh conditions on site. The external waterproof and breathable membrane can effectively isolate external moisture and make gas measurement more accurate.

In order to check the concentration of ozone in real time, the user can choose an ozone sensor with an OLED display, and the monitored value will be displayed on the display. This display is bright and clear, and it is very clear at night .

In the process of using ozone to disinfect crops in the greenhouse, the ozone sensor can monitor the concentration of ozone gas in the greenhouse and the residual ozone concentration after disinfection, preventing excessive ozone concentration from harming the human body, and at the same time It also helps managers adjust ozone gas in time, implement green and healthy agriculture, and reduce land environmental pollution.

The ozone sensor can be connected to the environmental monitoring cloud platform for free, and the ozone sensor installed in the greenhouse can be remotely monitored and operated by the network manager. The ozone sensor uploads the collected data to the environmental monitoring cloud platform through the connection to the environmental monitoring host.

The environmental monitoring cloud platform can receive real-time ozone concentration data, support analysis, view and export historical data, remotely set ozone concentration data parameters and other functions, and support computer web terminals, mobile apps and WeChat public accounts. Login method. The manager can set different limits on the ozone sensor according to the actual situation. Once the ozone exceeds the limit, the platform will promptly send the manager SMS, phone, email and other warning information to avoid the occurrence of excessive ozone concentration and damage to crops. .

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