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Application of Radio Temperature and Humidity Transmitter in Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System

by:Rika Sensors     2021-11-10
Application of Radio Temperature and Humidity Transmitter in Wireless Temperature and Humidity Monitoring System
China's pharmaceutical industry is now facing a new situation of rapid development, but the subsequent drug safety issues and medical accidents have gradually increased. As a special commodity, medicine is directly related to people's life and health problems. Too high or low temperature and humidity will change the quality of medicines. At present, most domestic refrigerators (including ordinary refrigerators, ice-lined refrigerators, low-temperature refrigerators) are used to monitor the temperature of refrigerators, and the temperature is recorded many times a day, which is time-consuming. It is laborious and can not be resolved in time once an emergency occurs, and it is easy to cause unnecessary losses. Therefore, in order to ensure the quality of pharmaceutical products, relevant national administrative departments require enterprises, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies to remotely monitor the temperature and humidity of refrigerators and cold storage for 24 hours, and carry out effective management.

Based on the above background, combined with advanced technology at home and abroad, we have specially developed a wireless temperature and humidity monitoring system for medical refrigerators with independent intellectual property rights to provide fully automated upgrades to the storage of vaccines, blood, medicines, and test samples.

This system consists of a wireless temperature and humidity transmitter or a wireless wide temperature single temperature sensor, a monitoring host, and related software. Each measuring point terminal can collect, transmit and alarm the temperature and humidity data in the refrigerator in real time ; The management host can collect, process and record the monitoring data of each measuring point terminal, and can monitor, alarm, record and query the temperature and humidity of the refrigerator 24 hours a day. This system is fully compliant with GMP, GSP, FDA, GLP, etc. The basic requirements of various specifications ensure that the drug storage environment meets the drug storage regulations.

Radio temperature and humidity transmitter

The radio temperature and humidity transmitter is a large-screen LCD display wireless communication temperature and humidity measuring point. The product adopts our unique wireless spread spectrum technology, the communication distance is long, the line of sight can reach 800 meters, the penetration ability is strong, can penetrate 3~4 concrete walls; the unique frequency hopping technology, the communication anti-interference ability is strong ; The temperature and humidity acquisition accuracy is higher than the national standard, and the upper and lower limit alarm values u200bu200bcan be set; the built-in high-decibel buzzer has the function of local sound and light alarm; the limit can be set freely, and the temperature and humidity can be calibrated by password; p>The device has a built-in battery that can be used for 6 months on a single charge. The user can connect the AC 220V through the power adapter to charge the device. There is no need for communication wiring on site, and on the basis of cost control, it satisfies the application of on-site engineering and greatly shortens the construction period of the project. It avoids the need for extremely standardized wiring during the construction of traditional 485 equipment, problems with any piece of equipment will often lead to the failure of the entire communication network, troubleshooting problems, and waste of time.

The radio temperature and humidity transmitter has two types: built-in probe type and external probe type. The built-in probe type is suitable for monitoring the temperature and humidity of greenhouses, warehouses and other environments. For the temperature and humidity monitoring in the refrigerator, the editor recommends the external probe type. The probe line of the external probe type radio temperature and humidity transmitter adopts a flat probe line. The flat probe line extends into the refrigerator and can contact with the sealing strip without any gap. Refrigerator heat preservation, probe working temperature -40~80℃. If necessary, you can also choose a wide temperature and humidity transmitter, the probe working temperature is -100 ~ 50 ℃.

Wireless environment monitoring host

The radio environment monitoring host is a multifunctional monitoring host developed by our company for wireless temperature and humidity monitoring. It can receive wireless data sent by 32 wireless measuring points and can The data is uploaded to the server in real time through any of three methods: Ethernet port, GPRS wireless and 485 wired. The temperature and humidity data upload interval can be set from 1s to 200s. The host can set the upper and lower limits of the measuring point and can realize on-site sound and light alarms and SMS alarms (1 to 5 persons) to ensure that the responsible persons obtain the alarm information and deal with them in time. It can also be equipped with our company's uninterruptible power supply EPS, which can realize power failure SMS alarm in case of mains power failure. The host can be connected to an LED screen with a maximum 1024*256 dot matrix; it can provide a secondary development interface.

If you choose a small host with GPRS function, it also has the functions of SMS alarm, ringing alarm, and timed SMS reporting real-time data. The equipment has a built-in large-screen LCD with a friendly and easy-to-operate interface. The device exceeds the limit, the screen displays the alarm channel and alarm real-time data in turn, and the built-in real-time clock can display real-time data and system time.

System features

1. It can carry out on-site alarm, remote alarm, directional alarm, etc. according to the set temperature parameters.

2. Managers of CDCs at all levels can inquire about the actual temperature and historical conditions of the area in which they are responsible, and finally achieve centralized control of the refrigerator, and realize real-time online monitoring of refrigerator temperature

3. Refrigeration equipment Changed manual temperature recording to automatic monitoring

4. Changed static temperature recording to dynamic 24-hour real-time monitoring

5. Changed temperature manual viewing management to system active early warning management to prevent Potential safety hazards

6. Change the single-point temperature record to full-process three-dimensional temperature monitoring

7. Change manual temperature management to temperature management that can be traced to solve the difficulty of temperature traceability and responsibility identification Questions

8. Provide scientific data support for cold chain equipment evaluation

9. Provide performance evaluation basis for temperature control management and quality management

10. The cold chain management system can also achieve Real-time monitoring and management of the cold chain in warehousing and transportation, realizing the information management of the 'life cycle' of the cold chain supply temperature in the hospital, and avoiding the economic loss and society caused by over-temperature scrapping of drugs (reagents) to the greatest extent Influence

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