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Application of small ultrasonic integrated weather station in smart light pole

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-24
Application of small ultrasonic integrated weather station in smart light pole
If you pay attention to the street scene, you will find that some street lights have 'growth' out of cameras, display screens, and solar panels. In addition to providing lighting, they also have functions such as environmental monitoring, wireless network, broadcasting, charging, and parking fees. . This kind of multifunctional smart light pole is widely used in urban construction.

'One pole with multiple functions' is one of the characteristics of smart light poles. Smart light poles are an in-depth practice of the new development concept, especially the sharing concept. It is based on traditional lighting functions and integrates street lighting control systems. , LED information release, WIFI coverage, video surveillance management, advertising screen broadcast control, urban environment real-time monitoring, emergency calls, car charging piles, manhole cover monitoring, 4G/5G base stations, and many other new-generation smart city infrastructure facilities that are used in one . Through information perception and big data interaction technology, intelligent lighting, intelligent transportation, information release, environmental monitoring and other functions can be realized.

Smart street light poles can use sensors to organize, sort and analyze the city’s noise, air quality, and other data in a standardized way to reduce urban energy consumption, reduce environmental pollution, and eliminate potential safety hazards, thereby realizing urban intelligence change. Aiming at the environmental monitoring of smart street lights, we have researched and designed a small ultrasonic integrated weather station that can be installed on smart light poles.

Compared with an ultrasonic integrated weather station, it is lighter in weight, convenient to carry and install, and more convenient to use. It has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, high integration, and high cost performance. It can simultaneously measure the real-time data of the eight elements of rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, temperature and humidity, noise collection, PM2.5 and PM10, and atmospheric pressure.

The shell of the small ultrasonic integrated weather station is made of ABS material, which is light in weight and anti-ultraviolet. The whole machine does not have any parts that need to be moved, it is sturdy and durable, and has a long service life. No maintenance and on-site calibration are required during use. It is also widely used in fields such as meteorology, ocean, environment, airports, ports, laboratories, industry and agriculture, and transportation.

The small ultrasonic integrated weather station has 4 ultrasonic probes. In a windless environment, the time for the ultrasonic wave sent from each probe to reach the receiving probe is the same; when there is wind, the wind will affect The time when the ultrasonic wave reaches the receiving probe, by calculating the ultrasonic transmission time difference between the probes, the wind speed and wind direction at that time can be calculated.

In a small ultrasonic integrated weather station, the rainfall measurement adopts an optical rain gauge, which measures rainfall based on the principle of optical induction, and has built-in multiple optical probes to achieve accurate rainfall measurement. Compared with the mechanical rain sensor, the optical rain gauge is smaller, more sensitive, easy to maintain, and more intelligent. It can work normally under high temperature and high humidity environment. High reliability, not easy to be blocked by fallen leaves.

The small ultrasonic integrated weather station can be equipped with a built-in electronic compass and a device with a built-in electronic compass. There is no longer an orientation requirement during installation, just ensure that it is installed horizontally. This model is suitable for use in mobile occasions such as marine, ship, and automobile transportation, and there is no direction requirement during installation.

The small ultrasonic integrated weather station adopts 4G mode output, no on-site wiring is required, no distance limitation, the network of the equipment installation site can remotely monitor the data, and upload the data collected by the sensor to the monitoring center through 4G communication Or cloud platform for users to view. It has real-time monitoring, over-limit alarm and other functions, supports real-time data viewing, data history query, and remote monitoring.

The picture of smart life is slowly unfolding. The arrival of the 5G era makes smart light poles more meaningful. If smart speakers are becoming an entrance to the smart life of a family, then smart light poles may become an important entrance and node of a new generation of urban information infrastructure.

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