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Application of Smart Agriculture System in Vegetable Seedling

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-20
Application of Smart Agriculture System in Vegetable Seedling
In recent years, with the development of agricultural science and technology and the adjustment of the internal structure of agriculture, vegetable production has gradually entered the road of industrial development, and vegetable seedling cultivation is an important link in vegetable industrial production. The effect of seedling raising directly affects the growth of vegetables, the differentiation of flower buds, the development of fruits, and the yield and quality of vegetables.

In recent years, the emerging intelligent agricultural system has helped the seedling industry to get rid of the constraints of natural conditions and regional restrictions, and realized the large-scale production and commercial supply of seedlings, which provided a great deal of vegetable supply in the market. help.

1. The application of smart agriculture system

The smart agriculture system is mainly to monitor and analyze the environment in which plants grow in the greenhouse of water, soil, air, etc. in the nursery greenhouse, to understand environmental changes in time, and to ensure the growth of plants. The quality of crops has reached the optimal level. At present, the commonly used agricultural sensors mainly include soil temperature and moisture sensors, soil moisture sensors, pH sensors, soil conductivity sensors, and illuminance sensors.

1. The temperature and humidity sensors, light sensors, CO, and other collected or observed information installed inside and outside the greenhouse are used to control the driving/actuating mechanism (such as fans) through control equipment (such as control boxes, controllers, computers, etc.) System, window system, irrigation and fertilization system, etc., adjust and control the environmental climate in the greenhouse such as temperature, humidity, light, CO2, etc. and irrigation and fertilization to achieve the growth and development of vegetable seedlings.

2, according to different seedlings It provides suitable environmental conditions for vegetable seedlings, selects suitable greenhouse properties, and uses data collected by air temperature, humidity, light intensity, carbon dioxide, soil temperature and humidity and other sensors to achieve relevant control based on the existing mature Internet of Things technology. The environmental data collected by the air temperature and humidity sensor controls the window opening degree of the greenhouse in real time to ensure that the temperature and humidity are within the set threshold.

3. Use the data collected by the illuminance sensor to start the light supplement system in real time (winter, spring) Rainy weather), or real-time coverage of the shading net (in summer), when the light intensity is obviously low and the carbon dioxide concentration meets the photosynthetic conditions, the plant growth supplement light will be automatically turned on.

4. Real-time display of the data through the environmental monitoring cloud platform On the display screen of the greenhouse, the whole process of seedling germination and growth is recorded in real time, and disease condition, insect condition, seedling condition, etc. are warned.

Second, the application of sensors during seedling cultivation

1. The temperature is too high and it is easy to form leggy seedlings; If it is too low, the growth of seedlings is slow, and weak seedlings and small old seedlings are easy to form. A soil temperature sensor is needed to monitor the temperature.

Common vegetable seedling temperature: Cucumber: 25-28°C during the day, 18-20°C at night; Tomato: 20-23°C during the day and 15-18°C at night; eggplant: 25-28°C during the day and 13-20°C at night.

2. Moisture management After sowing, water should be poured thoroughly, based on the water seepage from the bottom hole of the plug. Use soil moisture sensors to monitor the moisture content of the seedlings at any time during the growth of the seedlings, and add water according to the situation, but it should be noted that after the emergence of the seedlings, watering should be reduced appropriately to prevent excessive growth.

3. Winter and spring seedling control, in the facility The light is generally weak, and sometimes there will be continuous cloudy days. In this case, an illuminance sensor is needed to monitor the current illuminance. In the case of insufficient illuminance, artificial light should be added in time.

4. Fertilization management points The nutrient area of u200bu200bthe individual plant of the plate seedling is small, the base quality is low, and malnutrition often occurs. The soil electrical conductivity sensor can reflect the current soil electrical conductivity environment. When the electrical conductivity value is too low, spraying foliar fertilizer or Add compound fertilizer or fully decomposed manure to the substrate to supplement the soil nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other elements.

5. In addition to the above four environmental factors need to be adjusted, the prevention and control of pests and diseases in spring vegetable seedlings also need to pay attention to disease prevention, such as damping-off Diseases, blight, gray mold, etc..

Using the greenhouse system, on the one hand, the data measured by the sensors can be sorted out, and the entire process of data analysis, decision support, remote control, disaster warning, etc. Platform processing is also required; on the other hand, through integration with IoT technology, not only can Enough to perfect the construction of the seedling raising platform, it can also break the restrictive factors of the agricultural market time and geography, and promote the new format of the rural economy.

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