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Application of Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Gas Sensor in Incubation Room

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-23
Application of Temperature and Humidity Sensor and Gas Sensor in Incubation Room
An important link in the breeding industry is the hatching of hatching eggs. The hatching rate of hatching eggs directly affects the economic benefits of breeding production. In order to obtain ideal hatching rate and high-quality chicks, in addition to selecting good breeding eggs, environmental control of the hatching room is also particularly important.

Incubation environment regulation must not only control the stability of various hatching parameters of the incubator indoor equipment, but also control the stability of the parameters of the incubation environment. Effective control of the hatchery environment can effectively prevent the breeding eggs from being affected by microorganisms. Pollution provides a good environment for embryo development and growth, reduces early embryo mortality, improves hatching performance, and provides effective protection. The following discussion mainly discusses the influence of incubation conditions on the hatchability and chick quality from the aspects of temperature, humidity and gas environment, and explores ways to improve the hatchability and chick quality.

What environment does the incubation room need?

The growing embryo absorbs oxygen and produces carbon dioxide and water vapor during the incubation process, so the air in the incubator needs to be replaced regularly. However, to maintain truly effective environmental control, other important factors need to be considered, including the temperature and relative humidity of each room in the hatchery, avoiding cross-contamination in the air, and achieving energy savings.

When the machine is working in an area where the temperature and humidity are continuously maintained, it can better achieve a uniform incubation temperature. When the incubator partly relies on air cooling, the room temperature will decrease. In this case, more air is required than when using a water-cooling system to meet the oxygen requirements of the embryo and the cooling requirements of the incubator.

Application of temperature and humidity sensor in incubation room:

Incubation room temperature and humidity monitoring and control, need to realize the temperature measurement and control of each incubation room, temperature and humidity measurement, recording, storage and other functions. This requires the use of temperature and humidity sensor monitoring technology to realize automatic temperature and humidity monitoring and control, and related records as records to improve the hatching rate.

GPRS-c5 temperature and humidity recorder, based on GPRS/4G transmission to monitor temperature and humidity data, upload the collected temperature and humidity data to the server through the network base station, the monthly flow of GPRS/4G communication is less than 30M. The equipment is connected to the special temperature and humidity data monitoring platform (Huinong Cloud Assistant) provided by our company. Just open WeChat, scan and follow the steps to add equipment, so as to monitor the changes of temperature and humidity data in the planting shed and breeding farm anytime and anywhere According to the situation, the user adjusts the temperature and humidity parameters in time according to the monitoring data to ensure a good environment for poultry production.

Application of gas sensor in the incubation room:

In addition to the temperature and humidity sensor, the incubation room can also be connected to the gas sensor. This can not only detect the temperature and humidity in the incubation room, but also Check the gas concentration in the incubator. At present, many gas sensors can output digital signals, and it is more convenient to operate remotely. They are directly connected to the computer through a line. The staff can sit in front of the computer and know the gas concentration in the incubator room. When the concentration of these gases in the incubator is found to be high, measures such as ventilation and ventilation will be taken to reduce the concentration.

A self-developed multifunctional air quality transmitter that can monitor more than a dozen parameters in the incubation environment such as temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, ammonia, etc., is very powerful, and basically covers various indicators reflecting air quality .

Characteristics of the air quality sensor:

1. The temperature and humidity measuring unit adopts imported sensors, which can measure accurately;

2. The gas unit adopts electrochemical and catalytic combustion sensors, which have excellent sensitivity and Repeatability;

3. The pressure range is a wide range of 0-120Kpa, which can be applied to various altitudes;

4. The on-site power supply adopts 10~30VDC DC wide-voltage power supply, which can adapt to a variety of on-site DC power supplies .

In summary, the control of the incubation room environment plays a vital role in incubation. As long as the control of the incubation environment is done well, the parameters of the incubation equipment are stabilized, and the early mortality rate is reduced. One point is to reduce the weaker rate by one point, and the elimination rate by one point. Only these three points are profitable, and even if a certain environmental monitoring cost is invested, the company’s long-term interests will have an impact on the company. It is invisible and huge.

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