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Application of temperature and humidity sensor in ventilation duct

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-05
Application of temperature and humidity sensor in ventilation duct
As we continue to improve the quality of life and environmental quality, we will find ways to deal with the environment and air of life or work to achieve the purpose of improving the effect. Therefore, more and more companies or factories choose to install ventilation ducts on the market. For ventilation ducts, the biggest role is to enable air to circulate, especially for some people gathering or enclosed spaces, it can better reflect the necessity of ventilation duct installation.

Usually companies or factories pay more attention to issues such as CO2 concentration, ventilation, and volatile organic gas emissions. The influence of bacterial growth in the pipeline is often ignored. Especially in the exhaust process, some organic matter will be deposited in the duct, and the temperature and humidity in the air supply duct is very suitable for the survival and reproduction of germs and microorganisms. During the start-up of the air conditioning system or the vibration of the duct, it may cause the airflow to attach these substances. Dust with germs is raised again and sent indoors. If people are exposed to this environment for a long time, respiratory diseases or sick building syndromes will be inevitable. Therefore, the temperature and humidity in the ventilation ducts should be strictly controlled, and regular cleaning should be carried out to prevent germs from growing.

The pipeline installation location is usually difficult to reach, and it is difficult for monitoring personnel to perform real-time monitoring. Therefore, it is necessary to use temperature and humidity sensors to detect at this time. There are many types of temperature and humidity sensors on the market. According to different environmental requirements, the editor here has sorted out three pipeline temperature and humidity transmitters for everyone to choose reasonably.

The four types of pipeline transmitters are: duct type temperature and humidity transmitter, digital display pipe type temperature and humidity transmitter (analog signal output and RS485 signal output), long pipe type temperature and humidity transmitter .

Duct type temperature and humidity transmitter:

Duct type temperature and humidity transmitter adopts imported temperature and humidity measurement unit, with small drift and high accuracy. Pipeline installation method, convenient on-site installation, adopts anti-interference circuit design, can withstand various strong electromagnetic interferences such as on-site inverters; the equipment adopts a waterproof housing design, and the probe filter is made of 25um high-strength stainless steel material, which can ensure the entry of gas molecules It also prevents dust particles and water droplets from entering, and can be used in humid and high-dust situations, and is durable.

At the same time, the equipment adopts 485 communication interface, standard ModBus-RTU protocol, communication address and baud rate can be set, and the communication line can be up to 2000 meters long;

The wiring terminal adopts military-grade spring-type screw-free terminal, One press and one plug can be connected, even if there is no screwdriver, the wire can be quickly connected, which can adapt to the wire diameter of 0.3~2.0mm2;

Digital display pipeline temperature and humidity transmitter:

The digital display pipe-type temperature and humidity transmitter is a wall-mounted high-protection grade enclosure, with a protection grade of IP65, rain and snow-proof and good air permeability. It has a display function and displays the current temperature and humidity in real time. The circuit adopts the American imported industrial-grade microprocessor chip and imported high-precision temperature sensor to ensure the excellent reliability, high precision and interchangeability of the product. This product adopts a particle sintered probe sheath, and the probe is directly connected to the shell, and the appearance is beautiful and generous. The output signal type is divided into RS485, the farthest can communicate 2000 meters, the standard modbus protocol, supports secondary development.

Long pipe type temperature and humidity transmitter: The basic function of long pipe type temperature and humidity transmitter is basically the same as that of air pipe type temperature and humidity transmitter, the difference is: long pipe type The temperature and humidity transmitter adopts RS485 signal output, and the duct type adopts analog signal output. And the long pipeline type temperature and humidity transmitter is mainly used for narrow pipeline space.

After selecting reasonable temperature and humidity monitoring equipment, we must not only control the temperature and humidity of the ventilation ducts, but also ensure the internal cleanliness of the ventilation ducts. During normal ventilation, we must ensure the basic fresh air demand, and ensure the cleanliness of the introduction of fresh air throughout the process to protect our health.

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