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Application of temperature and humidity sensors and other equipment in greenhouse planting of toon

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-05
Application of temperature and humidity sensors and other equipment in greenhouse planting of toon
In March of Yangchun, various kinds of spring vegetables appeared on the market one after another. Among the 'spring dishesToon is not only unique in flavor, attractive to appetite, but also has high nutritional value. It is rich in potassium, calcium, and magnesium. The content of vitamin B group is also among the best in vegetables. In addition, research has also found that toon can help prevent chronic diseases. It contains ingredients that inhibit a variety of pathogenic bacteria, contains ingredients that help fight tumors, lower blood lipids and lower blood sugar, and are quite rich in polyphenolic antioxidants.

As a seasonal dish in spring, toon has a very short time to market, with a consumption period of only more than ten or twenty days. If you miss this season, you will have to wait for next spring. Now with the popularization of smart agriculture, this situation has changed. Many farmers plant toon trees through greenhouses, which not only enables us to eat delicious toon in the cold winter, but also obtains a higher income. So what should we pay attention to when growing toon in a greenhouse?

1. Temperature and humidity adjustment

According to observations, the shed temperature is about 25℃, and the shoots can grow 3-4 cm in 24 hours; while at 15℃, it only grows 1 cm; the shed temperature exceeds 35℃ Time, affect the coloring and quality of the buds. 10-15 days after film buckling is the slow seedling period, and efforts should be made to increase the temperature. The temperature of the shed during the day can be around 30°C. After more than a month of accumulation of natural light and temperature, after buds germinate, the temperature during the day is controlled at 25-30 ℃, and at night at 13-17 ℃, the temperature during the bud picking period is preferably 18-25 ℃. Straw thatch and paper quilt may be added to increase temperature or heat preservation according to the situation. Seedlings planted in greenhouses have poor root water absorption capacity. Therefore, it is advisable to maintain high soil moisture and air humidity at the initial stage. After planting, water should be watered thoroughly, and small water should be watered later depending on the situation. The relative humidity of the air should be kept above 85%, and the seedlings should be sprayed with water on sunny days to prevent dehydration and drying up. After germination, the relative humidity of the air should be 70%. If the humidity is too high, not only the germination will be slow, but the fragrance will be greatly reduced. The air should be released in time to remove humidity.

In the past, such complicated temperature and humidity control required growers to observe and adjust in the shed at all times. Now, temperature and humidity sensors can be used to understand the temperature and humidity data in the shed in real time. This product is a wall-mounted high-protection housing , Protection grade IP65, rain and snow proof and good air permeability. The circuit adopts the American imported industrial-grade microprocessor chip and imported high-precision temperature sensor to ensure the excellent reliability, high precision and interchangeability of the product. This product uses particle sintered probe sheath, the probe is directly connected to the shell, and the appearance is beautiful and generous. The output signal type is divided into RS485, the farthest can communicate 2000 meters, the standard modbus protocol, supports secondary development. Data can be uploaded to the mobile phone platform, no need to check the data in the shed in real time, saving time and effort, you can also set the upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity, once the data in the shed exceeds the limit, the platform will receive an alarm to remind the grower to take heating or ventilation in time And other measures to ensure the quality of toon.

2. Light adjustment

Toon likes to light, you should try to use non-drip film, uncover the grass thatch and quilt in time during the day, and often clean the debris on the film to increase the light. If the light is too strong, cover grass and shading properly. For light monitoring, you can use an illuminance sensor. The equipment is wall-mounted and has a high protection level. The output value measurement unit is Lux, which can effectively monitor the light intensity. It can also transmit the light data to the mobile phone in real time, so that the growers can understand the light data in time. And take countermeasures. The sensor is mainly used in agricultural greenhouses, flower cultivation greenhouses, agricultural fields, electronic equipment production lines and other occasions that require illumination monitoring.

With the application of temperature and humidity sensors, illuminance sensors and other equipment, it is convenient to control the temperature, humidity, and light parameters in the greenhouse to ensure the best production conditions for toona.

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