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Application of temperature and humidity transmitter for concrete curing in construction site

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-30
Application of temperature and humidity transmitter for concrete curing in construction site
With the development of economy and the renewal of concepts, people have higher and higher requirements for the appearance quality of concrete projects. In general building structures, both the frequency of use and the amount of use of concrete have become prominent, so it is used as a construction site concrete The main basis for quality acceptance, concrete maintenance cannot be ignored.

Generally, moisturizing and curing should be carried out in time after the concrete is poured. The selection of the maintenance method should consider the site conditions, environmental temperature and humidity, construction characteristics, technical requirements, construction operation factors, etc.

In the national standard GB/T50081-2019 'Standard for Test Methods of Physical and Mechanical Properties of ConcreteThe standard curing room with humidity above 95% is revised to a temperature of 20±2℃ consistent with the ISO test method.

The reason why the concrete mixture gradually sets and hardens after pouring until the final strength is obtained is due to The result of cement hydration. The speed of cement hydration is not only related to the material and mix ratio of the concrete itself, but also changes with the temperature.

When the temperature rises, the hydration Speed u200bu200bup, the strength increases faster; and when the temperature drops to 0°C, part of the water in the concrete begins to freeze, and gradually changes from the liquid phase (water) to the solid phase (ice). At this time, it participates in the hydration of cement. Therefore, the hydration effect slows down, and the strength increase is correspondingly slower. The temperature continues to drop. When the water existing in the concrete completely turns into ice, that is, when the complete liquid phase turns into a solid phase, the cement hydration effect Basically stop, the strength will no longer increase at this time.

It can be seen that in concrete construction, the change of water form is the key to the growth of concrete strength, and temperature and humidity are important factors that affect the speed and degree of cement hydration. Factors. Therefore, after concrete is formed, it must be maintained at an appropriate temperature and sufficient humidity within a certain period of time to fully hydrate the cement. This is the curing of concrete.

According to the above requirements for temperature and humidity in concrete curing, Continuously monitor and record the temperature and humidity for a long period of time. Once an abnormality occurs, you need to take measures and deal with it in time. Therefore, a special temperature and humidity sensor for concrete curing was introduced to save labor costs, ensure the authenticity of the data, and ensure that the data is abnormal. It can be processed in a timely manner. And it can be connected to the environmental monitoring host through the special temperature and humidity sensor for concrete curing, and upload to the cloud platform to obtain data by GPRS/4G, so as to realize the computer, PAD, mobile phone multi-terminal to view the data. At the same time, the upper and lower limits of the data can be set in the background. Once the data exceeds the standard, the sound and light alarm connected to the host will give an alarm, and each platform will also receive an alarm push, which is convenient for managers to monitor the temperature and humidity in time.

Special temperature and humidity transmitter for concrete curing (RS-WS-N01-F) is a temperature and humidity testing equipment developed by our company for the high humidity environment required by the concrete curing industry. It can be used for a long time in a concrete standard curing room with a relative humidity above 95%RH. Circuit The use of imported industrial-grade microprocessor chips, imported high-precision thermocouples, and low-temperature drift temperature measurement chips ensure the product's excellent reliability, high precision and interchangeability under low temperature, high humidity, and high temperature and high humidity environments.

< /p>The product is easy to use and maintain, meeting the requirements of high-reliability equipment for safety monitoring at the maintenance site. The shell is made of 304 stainless steel, with beautiful appearance and corrosion resistance, which can effectively ensure the service life of the sensor. 10~30V wide voltage range power supply , Complete specifications, easy to install. RS485 data is adopted The collection method can communicate up to 2000 meters, the standard modbus protocol supports secondary development.

Cure has a very important effect on the overall performance of concrete. Doing a good job of curing can relieve or avoid many problems in the use of concrete.

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