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Application of U-shaped Rainfall Weather Station to Flood

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-10
Application of U-shaped Rainfall Weather Station to Flood
Affected by the water coming from main streams and tributaries, the flow of Tongguan Hydrological Station (Weinan, Shaanxi) on the middle reaches of the Yellow River rose to 5,050 cubic meters per second at 5:6 on the 18th. According to the flood numbering regulations of major rivers across the country, the incoming water this time has reached the flood numbering standard, and the number is 'Yellow River No. 5 Flood in 2020'.

We all know that floods are caused by natural factors such as heavy rain, rapid melting of ice and snow, storm surges and other natural factors. Floods have the characteristics of strong suddenness and great destructive power, which can lead to the collapse of houses, the destruction of transportation facilities, and casualties. Especially this year, the flood disaster was extremely serious. Many places were hit by floods, people were affected, and electricity was interrupted. Because floods are sudden and often formed within a few hours, manual measurement cannot be monitored in time, in order to avoid unnecessary losses; timely install U-shaped rainfall weather station and establish a complete U-shaped rainfall weather station monitoring system. Preventing floods plays an important role.

U-shaped rainfall weather station

The main body of the U-shaped rainfall weather station adopts U-shaped fixed expansion screws to install the poles. The poles are installed with 4 M14 expansion screws after precise calculations, which are resistant to strong winds on site and are not easy to damage. And from top to bottom, rain gauge and C-type integrated weather station (or ultrasonic integrated weather station), solar panels, power supply box and other equipment are installed.

U-shaped fixed end: This weather station uses a U-shaped groove for installation. The U-shaped groove is characterized by one side being low and the other being high, which effectively prevents other equipment from blocking rainwater and improves rain gauge rain measurement. Accuracy. The notch can be installed with rain gauge and C-type integrated weather station (or ultrasonic integrated weather station), if there are other requirements, it can be customized.

The rain gauge is a tipping bucket rain gauge. The core component tipping bucket adopts a three-dimensional streamlined design, which makes the tipping bucket more smooth, and has the functions of self-cleaning dust and easy cleaning.

C-type integrated weather station: adopts high-quality anti-ultraviolet material, long service life, high-sensitivity probe, stable signal and high precision. Optional elements are: wind speed, wind direction, air temperature and humidity, noise, carbon dioxide, atmospheric pressure, PM2.5, PM10, negative oxygen ions.

Ultrasonic integrated weather station: wind speed and direction are measured by ultrasonic principle, no start-up wind speed limit, zero wind speed work, no angle limit, 360° omni-directional, wind speed and wind direction data can be obtained at the same time. The optional elements are: wind speed, wind direction, air temperature and humidity, noise, carbon dioxide, atmospheric pressure, PM2.5, PM10, negative oxygen ions, and light.

The difference between an ultrasonic integrated weather station and a C type integrated weather station: the data measured by the louver box is the same. The difference is that the ultrasonic integrated weather station uses ultrasonic to measure wind speed and direction, without starting wind speed, the measurement range of wind direction is 360°. The C-type integrated weather station uses polycarbon wind speed and wind direction sensors. It has start-up wind speed and can only measure wind direction in eight directions.

Solar panel: The power of the solar panel is 60W, and it only takes 7.5 hours to charge the 38A battery from 0 to 100%. And when the battery is fully charged, the weather station can continue to work for a week in a rainy and cloudy environment.

U-shaped rainfall weather station can automatically measure temperature, humidity, wind direction and rainfall in flood-affected areas 24 hours a day, convert the measurement results into electrical signals, and upload them in real time via GPRS/4G uploading. ; This saves manpower and accumulates meteorological data at various monitoring points, which greatly improves the density of meteorological observation stations and the effectiveness of monitoring data, and is a reference for meteorological analysis and flood control warning.

In addition to floods caused by heavy rains, natural disasters such as mountain torrents, droughts and floods, and geological disasters are very serious due to the complex terrain and geological conditions in my country. Moreover, it is difficult to establish an effective power supply network in remote areas, and normal weather stations cannot monitor them normally. U-shaped rainfall weather station can use solar panels to provide electricity to the weather station, overcoming the difficulty of not being able to connect to an external power source. It monitors rainfall, water level, temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and air pressure to provide information on mountain torrents, meteorology, hydrology, drought, geology, and water quality. Provide comprehensive monitoring and real-time early warning and forecasting in other fields. Assist users such as government agencies, research institutions, and enterprises to create huge economic and social benefits.

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