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Application of water quality monitoring station in aquaculture

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-09
Application of water quality monitoring station in aquaculture
It’s time for the annual college entrance examination again. In order to make candidates feel at ease in the exam, even the weather has become sensible. In recent days a lot of rain shots have been cut off. Most areas in my country are based on sunny or cloudy weather. Lord.

However, starting from tomorrow, under the confluence of cold and warm air, a new round of large-scale rainfall in the south will begin again. Specifically, there will be moderate to heavy rains in the northern and southern parts of Southwest China, southern China and other places. Among them, there were heavy rains (50-70 mm) in southern Yunnan and other places. The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River will become the center of this rainfall. Local rain is strong and may reach the magnitude of heavy rainfall.

The middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River are the main areas of aquaculture in my country, and excessive rainfall will adversely affect important indicators such as pond water quality and dissolved oxygen in the water, thereby reducing the feed intake of aquatic products. If continuous rainfall may even cause ponds to overflow, the amount of aquatic product storage ponds will decrease, resulting in a reduction in the production of aquaculture.

In order to monitor the water quality of ponds during the rainy season in summer, solve the problems of inconvenience and difficulty in monitoring the ecological environment of water bodies in aquaculture, and improve the economic benefits of the aquaculture industry, a smart water quality monitoring system has been introduced.

The system consists of a water quality monitoring station and an environmental monitoring cloud platform. Through modern Internet of Things technology and sensor technology, it monitors and manages the pond aquaculture environment and water quality in an all-round way. It has real-time data collection and analysis, remote monitoring and management, etc. Function.

The water quality monitoring station can monitor the water temperature, water level height, ammonia nitrogen ion concentration, pH value, dissolved oxygen concentration, conductivity, water turbidity and other elements; at the same time, the water quality monitoring station can be expanded according to the customer's own needs Our meteorological equipment, such as wind speed, wind direction, light, atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity sensors, etc., monitor the environment in the aquaculture area in an all-round way.

The water quality monitoring station can upload the environmental data in the aquaculture area to the monitoring software platform through GPRS, and it can also be connected to the local area network through the network port. At the same time, the water quality monitoring station also has a ModBus-RTU slave station interface. Upload the data to the user's own monitoring software or PLC configuration screen through 485 communication.

The environmental monitoring cloud platform is a web login platform specially developed by our company to provide users with convenient services. You can log in with your account anytime and anywhere to view the water quality data in the breeding area, support real-time data and historical data query, download, print, etc. You can also select SMS alarms, email alarms and other services as needed to facilitate users to view and manage.

System function:

Real-time monitoring: Collect real-time data of each site in the aquaculture area, and quickly and effectively present the status of the breeding site to users through real-time monitoring and on-site monitoring.

Historical data query: You can query the historical data of one or more monitoring stations in the breeding area. Select the corresponding site, time range and data type (hourly data, daily data, monthly data, quarterly data) for query according to your needs.

Mobile supervision: Supports real-time viewing of data on mobile clients, enabling supervisors to remotely supervise and view data anytime and anywhere.

Multiple power supply options are available: support 220V city power and solar panel dual power supply. Priority is given to mains power supply.

When the mains power is cut off, solar panels and batteries provide power supply, and the normal operation of the equipment will not be interrupted.

Over-limit alarm: When any value exceeds the limit, the system will send alarm information to the administrator added on the cloud platform by phone, SMS, platform and other methods.

Real-time map: The map displays the device location, online status and some data information in real-time.

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