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Application of water quality monitoring station in intelligent aquaculture monitoring system

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-28
Application of water quality monitoring station in intelligent aquaculture monitoring system
As the saying goes, 'good water raises good fish'. As we all know, aquaculture is inseparable from water, and the water quality of aquaculture water directly affects the quality of aquaculture.

A good fish u003d 50% genes + 50% breeding power

50% of the breeding power u003d 20% environment + 20% feeding + 10% training

where 20% of the environment u003d Water quality + water body + light + breeding environment

Fishes live in water, polluted water will affect fish, and fish activities will cause water pollution. The two complement each other and are indispensable. Good water quality is extremely important to the survival and growth of aquatic animals. As the lifeline of aquaculture, water quality requires stable water sources, sufficient water volume, cleanliness, and pollution-free conditions. How to reduce the occurrence of fishery accidents must start with strengthening water quality monitoring.

At present, most of the water quality monitoring in domestic aquaculture is in the manual monitoring stage of manual sampling and chemical analysis, and even estimates based on experience alone. This method is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and it is also in terms of monitoring time and accident warning. There are great limitations, far from meeting the needs of the further development of factory farming.

In order to solve the problems of inconvenience, high cost, and excessive manpower consumption in the water ecological environment monitoring in aquaculture, and to improve the economic benefits of the aquaculture industry, a set of intelligent aquaculture monitoring system was introduced.

The intelligent aquaculture monitoring system is based on information technology and sensor technology, making full use of high-tech means such as geographic information system, remote sensing, multimedia, network, and computer. , Water quality, etc. for all-round management and monitoring, with real-time data collection and analysis, remote monitoring and management functions. On the basis of ensuring quality, the output has been greatly increased.

The system consists of a water quality monitoring station and an environmental monitoring cloud platform. Among them, the water quality monitoring station is the core of the intelligent aquaculture system. It uses modern sensor technology to integrate the functions of online collection of water quality environmental parameters, intelligent networking, wireless transmission, intelligent processing, remote and automatic control. It is widely used in freshwater aquaculture, surface freshwater water quality, artificial lake water quality, and river water quality monitoring.

The water quality monitoring station can upload the collected data to the water quality monitoring host through the PH sensor, water temperature sensor, conductivity sensor, ammonia nitrogen sensor, dissolved oxygen sensor, turbidity sensor, COD sensor, residual chlorine sensor, and water level sensor. Environmental monitoring cloud platform and on-site large LED screen. Realize online collection, processing and transmission of water quality environmental parameters of farms. Real-time grasp of the aquaculture water quality environmental information, timely access to abnormal alarm information and water quality early warning information, and according to the water quality monitoring results, real-time automatic adjustment of control equipment, realizing scientific breeding and management of aquaculture, and ultimately achieving energy saving, consumption reduction, green environmental protection, and production increase The goal of increasing income.


(1) Connect multiple devices

It has a ModBus-RTU master station interface that can be connected to our company's 485 sensor, the default is: water temperature, water level, ammonia nitrogen ion Concentration, pH, dissolved oxygen concentration, conductivity, water turbidity. At the same time, other 485 sensors can be arbitrarily matched according to customer needs. Similarly, the system can be extended to our company's meteorological equipment, such as wind speed, wind direction, light, atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity sensors, etc., to monitor the environment in the monitoring area in all directions.

(2) Multiple upload methods are optional

The device can upload data to the monitoring software platform via GPRS, or it can be connected to the local area network through the network port. At the same time, the weather station also has 1 ModBus -The RTU slave interface can also upload data to the customer's monitoring software or PLC configuration screen through 485 communication.

(3) Multiple power supply methods are available

One: use external 220V AC power supply;

the second: use dual power supply mode, support 220V city power and solar panel dual power supply ( Priority is given to the mains power supply. When the mains power is cut off, the solar panels and batteries provide power supply, and the normal operation of the equipment will not be interrupted);

The third type: solar power is used to support our solar panels and batteries (solar panels 60W, battery life time is about 7 days)

(4) Collect multiple signals

1 0-100V DC voltage, 3 4-20mA current signals, 4 switching signal acquisition, 2 relays Output, its relay can be linked to the upper and lower limits of any channel for alarm or automatic control.

(5) Multiple pole installation methods are available

Fixed expansion screw installation pole, fixed tripod installation pole, U-shaped fixed expansion screw installation pole, U-shaped fixed tripod Install the pole. The user can choose a suitable pole for installation according to the installation position.

(6) Mass storage

The host has a built-in memory, which can store up to 520,000 records.

(7) Seven-inch touch screen

In the water-quality waterproof box, a seven-inch touch screen can be expanded for on-site display. The interface is simple and friendly and easy to use.

(8) Abnormal alarm

Through the monitoring software, the alarm values u200bu200bof various elements are added. When the collected data exceeds the limit, the administrator will promptly send SMS, telephone, and e-mail alarm information.

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