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Application of weather station in the park

by:Rika Sensors     2021-08-28
Application of weather station in the park
What is the meaning of travel? For many people, traveling is to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the tranquility of nature!

Travel is great, but if you don’t do the weather intelligence work in advance, you will be overwhelmed by the skinny reality. For example, when you plan to climb a mountain, you suddenly encounter severe weather such as heavy rain, storm, hail, etc. How much trouble it will cause you to travel and travel. Also, if you decide to travel to the seaside, such as Sanya, Qingdao and other places, if you encounter typhoons, heavy rains and other weather, it will also cause certain damage to your mood. Therefore, if the weather changes in local scenic spots can be predicted in advance, the impact of harsh environments on the travel experience can be avoided to a certain extent. So how can we monitor the weather of the scenic spot?

Here we introduce the park weather station produced. This weather station focuses on the meteorological environment monitoring of the park scenic spot. Arrange travel time under severe weather conditions. In addition to monitoring the weather, it can also monitor the content of negative oxygen ions; we should know that negative oxygen ions are nutrients in the air and are the prerequisite for us to enjoy the tranquility of nature. The higher the content of negative oxygen ions, the better the air quality. Through the monitoring of negative oxygen ion content, it can provide a reference for the environmental preservation of parks or scenic spots.

Park Weather Station

The park weather station produced by the park has a beautiful appearance. By installing multiple devices, it can monitor up to 27 elements: wind speed, wind direction, soil temperature, soil moisture, soil EC, soil PH , Air temperature and humidity, noise, carbon dioxide, atmospheric pressure, light, rain and snow status, ultraviolet light, total radiation, carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, PM2.5, PM10, negative oxygen ions, ammonia , TVOC, rainfall, soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, etc. And according to the different needs of parks, scenic spots, etc., the weather station equipment can be installed on a pole or a tripod. Both can be equipped with a large LED screen to display measurement data in real time.

Park weather monitoring

Park weather detection, weather stations monitor environmental data in real time, the following three sensors are most closely related to people: tipping bucket rain gauge, rain and snow sensor.

Rain and snow sensor: The rain and snow sensor has a response time of 0.5s and has a heating function, which can accurately sense whether the outside world is raining or snowing. In order to prevent unnecessary influence caused by false alarms during the design, the rain and snow sensor adopts a reset delay, which greatly improves the accuracy.

Tipping bucket rain gauge: The high-sensitivity tipping bucket reduces the frictional resistance to a large extent and makes the turning more sensitive. Cooperate with the self-developed rainfall recorder to measure precipitation, precipitation intensity, precipitation time, etc.

Negative oxygen ion monitoring

The human skin and respiratory system can inhale negative oxygen ions into the blood system and lymphatic system. Long-term inhalation of a large number of negative ions has a very important role in promoting human health. It can activate cells, promote the exchange of sodium and potassium ions inside and outside the body, purify the blood, and promote the discharge of toxic substances in the body.

The negative oxygen ion monitor installed in the park weather station uses a high-conductivity alloy material as the middle electrode of the negative oxygen ion detector, which has a small expansion rate due to temperature and thermal expansion. The change in cold shrinkage is also smaller. Because it has high conductivity, the resistivity is very low, so as to ensure our measurement accuracy.

Meteorological environment monitoring cloud platform

The weather monitoring cloud platform is a web login platform specially developed to provide users with the most convenient service. The cloud platform is deployed on the public network server, which can easily access a variety of products. Customers do not need to have public network IP or domain name resolution services, nor do they need to set up servers by themselves, saving server maintenance costs. After the equipment arrives on site, users can connect to the cloud platform without complicated network settings, which greatly saves on-site construction time. The interface is completely neutral, supports multi-level access, and supports customers to add sub-accounts. Multi-terminal login on the web and mobile terminals, customers can log in anytime and anywhere with their account numbers to conveniently check their own device status, query data records, download and print data, etc.

The breeze during the journey makes people intoxicated, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and enjoy the tranquility of nature as soon as possible. Travel can be so simple.

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