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Application of WeChat AirKiss Technology in Wi-Fi Temperature and Humidity Recorder

by:Rika Sensors     2021-09-22
Application of WeChat AirKiss technology in wifi temperature and humidity recorder
AirKiss is a WIFI device quick access configuration technology provided by the WeChat hardware platform. To use the WeChat client to configure the device to access the network, the device needs to support AirKiss technology. Previously, if the device was to be connected to the WeChat hardware platform, hardware developers needed to debug and develop the AirKiss protocol to match WeChat. This is a big project for chip and module manufacturers. After the WeChat launches the hardware platform, the device connection function is added, and it can be connected to WiFi or Bluetooth smart devices at home through WeChat. The key technology of this function is AirKiss. u200bu200bAt present, more and more chip and module manufacturers have provided solutions to support AirKiss technology. The wifi temperature and humidity recorder RS-WS-WIFI-C4 is a product that uses AirKiss technology for network distribution.

Having said so much, what exactly is Airkiss? Let us explain in detail.

It is easy to understand literally, AirKiss is a kind of information transmission technology.

We all know that due to the pursuit of miniaturization, low power consumption and other characteristics of smart devices, most smart devices are not equipped with input peripherals such as screens and keyboards. Connecting to wireless networks has become a major problem, so AirKiss is available.

It is the only Wi-Fi device quick access configuration technology provided by the WeChat hardware platform. In other words, if manufacturers want Wi-Fi devices to have WeChat control functions, they must match the AirKiss protocol during product design.

So what are the advantages of AirKiss technology? As part of the function of WeChat devices, AirKiss technology has two major advantages over AP transmission and peripheral auxiliary transmission.

First of all, when the user is ready to connect to the hardware device, he only needs to open WeChat for network access configuration, without downloading third-party software.

Secondly, using AirKiss technology, users can save the step of configuring the device in hotspot mode, and can directly send the SSID of the wireless router to the device in the configuration mode.

Next, let’s take a look at the temperature and humidity recorder RS-WS-WIFI-C4 that uses AirKiss technology.

RS-WS-WIFI-C4 series are temperature and humidity recorders using WIFI wireless data transmission. The temperature and humidity data can be collected and uploaded to the WeChat device platform through the WIFI network.

The product WIFI adopts AirKiss technology, which can realize one-key network distribution and easy networking. Use WeChat to scan the QR code on the product to instantly manage the device and view the data, which is simple and convenient.

The product adopts imported high-precision sensors with high sampling accuracy and small annual drift. When the recorder is connected to the WIFI network in the venue, real-time data can be uploaded to the WeChat device platform through the on-site network. After the network is disconnected, the device will automatically cache the data, and the network will resume the data automatically.

The equipment is also equipped with configuration software, which can download parameters in batches, which is convenient and quick.

The temperature and humidity recorder RS-WS-WIFI-C4 has an LCD screen that can display temperature and humidity data, equipment power and current network connection status in real time. The temperature and humidity recorder has a built-in battery, which can be used continuously for more than 14 days on a single charge, and it can also be used for long-term continuous power supply with a mobile phone charger.

The temperature and humidity recorder RS-WS-WIFI-C4 has a built-in buzzer, which can realize over-limit alarm. The alarm methods include buzzer alarm, WeChat push alarm, email alarm, and SMS alarm.

The temperature and humidity recorder RS-WS-WIFI-C4 has a built-in probe and an external probe. The built-in probe can be used to measure temperature and humidity in ordinary environments. The probe extension type can be used to measure the temperature and humidity in high temperature or low temperature and high humidity occasions.

The temperature and humidity recorder RS-WS-WIFI-C4 is mainly used for places that require online temperature and humidity monitoring such as flower houses, laboratories, breeding, greenhouses, offices, and warehouses.

Features of RS-WS-WIFI-C4 temperature and humidity recorder:

1. Use high-quality imported temperature and humidity sensors for temperature and humidity data measurement.

2. WIFI wireless transmission is adopted, and data can be easily uploaded online with the help of on-site network.

3. Free WeChat platform management equipment, real-time view data.

4. The device automatically caches data when communication is disconnected, and automatically uploads data when communication resumes. The cached data can reach 1,000.

5. The device adopts a low-power LCD screen, which can check the temperature and humidity on-site in real time.

6. The device has a built-in buzzer to achieve ultra-high and low temperature alarms.

7. The device has a built-in large-capacity lithium battery that can be powered by a built-in battery or an external power source.

8. Wechat real-time push when temperature and humidity exceed the limit.

9. Using AirKiss WIFI networking technology, easy one-key networking.

With the help of AirKiss technology, users can easily realize the control problems between smart hardware products through WeChat and help our smart life!

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