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Application of WIFI multi-probe temperature and humidity transmission recorder in warehouse

by:Rika Sensors     2021-10-27
Application of WIFI multi-probe temperature and humidity transmission recorder in warehouse
The temperature and humidity of the warehouse should always be maintained within a certain range. Unsuitable temperature and humidity, especially high humidity and high temperature environment, can easily cause serious damage to warehouse items. Therefore, how to do a good job in warehouse management and how to monitor the temperature and humidity of the warehouse at any time is a very professional problem. We must not only learn and master the basic concepts and related knowledge of air temperature and humidity, but also regularly observe and record the temperature and humidity in the warehouse. .

What is temperature and humidity?

1. Air temperature

The air temperature is also the air temperature, which is a physical quantity that indicates the degree of coldness and heat of the air. Generally speaking, the closer you are to the horizon, the higher the temperature, and vice versa, the lower the temperature. In daily life, including warehouses, degrees Celsius are generally used to indicate that degrees above zero are positive numbers, and degrees below zero are negative numbers.

2. Air humidity

Air humidity refers to the amount of water vapor contained in a certain volume. The more water vapor, the more humid the air; the less water vapor, the drier the air. In addition, temperature has a direct effect on absolute humidity. In general, the higher the temperature, the more water vapor will evaporate and the greater the absolute humidity.

3. Relative humidity

The relative humidity is the ratio between the absolute humidity and the highest humidity. The ratio shows how much water vapor is saturated. For example, air with a relative humidity of 100% in the air is saturated. At the same temperature, the water vapor saturation of half the saturation point of the air is 50%. If the air saturation exceeds 100%, water will generally be condensed from water vapor. In addition, temperature has an effect on relative humidity. The higher the temperature, the more water vapor the air can hold, and the relative humidity will decrease accordingly.

4. Absolute humidity

Absolute humidity is the mass of water vapor contained in a certain volume of air, and its unit is generally g/m3. The maximum absolute humidity is the highest humidity in the saturated state. Absolute humidity is only meaningful together with temperature, because the amount of humidity that can be contained in the air changes with temperature, and the absolute humidity is also different at different temperatures, because the volume of air changes with temperature. But the closer the absolute humidity is to the highest humidity, the smaller its change with temperature.

5. Dew point

Under a certain air pressure, as the temperature decreases, the absolute humidity of the air reaches 100% and the water vapor reaches saturation. At this time, it is called the dew point temperature. If the temperature drops again, water will condense out on the storage items or walls of the warehouse.

About the safe temperature and humidity of some warehouse items

For warehouse managers, how to effectively manage the temperature and humidity in the warehouse, the most important thing is to understand the temperature and humidity suitable for the storage of warehouse items. Temperature and humidity list the safe temperature and humidity of common warehouse items.

The temperature and humidity of the warehouse changes with the environment

From the above figure, we can see a problem, that is, there are many kinds of items stored in the warehouse, and the safe temperature and humidity of various products are not the same. Moreover, if the temperature in the warehouse is not deliberately adjusted, it will also change with the temperature outside the warehouse. In the spring and summer seasons, the temperature outside the storage room continues to rise, and the temperature inside the storage room begins to rise. In addition, the weather is different every day, and the temperature changes in the morning and evening will affect the temperature and humidity changes in the warehouse. Therefore, how to monitor the items in the warehouse with different temperature and humidity requirements in real time, and always maintain a safe temperature and humidity range is a headache. problem.

Warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring system

In order to better respond to the different temperature requirements of various items in the warehouse during storage, a warehouse temperature and humidity monitoring system has been created. The system consists of a WIFI multi-probe temperature and humidity transmission recorder, a wide area network or local area network server, and a cloud platform. Each measuring point terminal is equipped with a temperature and humidity recorder, which can detect four different environments at the same time, record data in real time, and upload the data to the cloud platform for viewing by computers and mobile phones.

The industrial-grade temperature and humidity transmitter transmitter for WIFI wireless data transmission can upload up to 4 channels of temperature and humidity data collected to the server via WIFI. The equipment adopts imported high-precision sensors and the default cable length is 8 meters. This series of products make full use of the established WIFI communication network to realize data collection and transmission, and achieve the purpose of centralized monitoring of temperature and humidity data. Can greatly reduce the amount of construction, improve construction efficiency and maintenance costs.

At the same time, there are four temperature and humidity probes on the WIFI multi-probe temperature and humidity transmission recorder, which can set different upper and lower limits of temperature and humidity, and At the same time, there is a built-in buzzer. When the temperature and humidity of a certain warehouse are lower than or exceed the set threshold, the alarm light will be on and the buzzer will alarm to remind the warehouse management staff to adjust the environment in the warehouse in time.

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